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Turnkey solutions for your dental practice

By October 30, 2022September 27th, 2023Blog, NEWS

Turnkey solutions for your dental practice: what are they and what can they do for you?


Turnkey solutions. That’s a term you’ve probably heard banded around or seen on dental suppliers’ websites.

But what are they and what can they do for you?

A simple definition is of end-to-end solutions which are ready to go as soon as they are deployed to your practice. A ‘metaphorical key’ is handed over to you by a contractor or supplier, you ‘turn’ it and away you go. 

Job done.

But we also know that life in the dental world is not quite as simple as it may be in other industries. Our equipment is specialised and complex, our surgeries are often repurposed dwellings, struggling for space and our ‘customers’ are real patients whose outcomes have a direct bearing on their quality of life.

So a turnkey project in a dental environment has additional elements which must be accounted for in order for any project to be deemed a success.

Whether you’re considering a full refurbishment for your existing dental practice, a partial refit of selected areas or a complete remodelling of a new premises to become a practice, the chances are you’re going to need a partner who’ll take complete responsibility for everything from start to finish.

And that partner needs to be an established and experienced dental equipment supplier with expertise in a plethora of different areas.

What are the different phases of a turnkey project?

1.Project Scope & Design


First off you’ll need to really nail down what your project needs – scope out what equipment is needed, what utilities are required and what your budget is.

Once you have that ironed out, you can start the design phase. Exciting, but there are a number of different elements to how your layout will finally look and you’ll need expert advice and guidance from your turnkey supplier to assist you through this fundamental stage.


Space is usually at a premium, so you need to call on a designer who knows all the tricks of the trade to maximise the space you have available to fit in all the equipment you need to take your practice to a new level. The design also needs to take areas other than the surgery room itself into consideration. Where will the plant equipment go? What about your decontamination flow?

Whether you’re kitting out examination rooms, dental diagnostic suites or a new reception area, ergonomics will be a big factor. These are areas where staff and patients will spend all day every day and their ability to move around safely and comfortably for extended periods of time is a big consideration.


But, that’s not all. The dental industry is, quite rightly, highly regulated, so any design and layout must ensure CQC compliance is maintained throughout the practice to preserve a compliant environment at all times for staff and patients.

And, of course, you want it to look nice! 

Dental practices are becoming increasingly marketing-savvy and acknowledging the importance with their patients of having a brand and identity. So, you’ll need to consider how you wish your surgery to look in order to please both your own aesthetic preferences and to fit in with your practice’s branding, both from a colour scheme perspective and quality/finish.

Getting to a point where you have an agreed design and layout for any dental project – big or small – is a major milestone. 

Once you have everything drawn up and signed off ‘on paper’ (although it’s probable it’s all been designed using a CAD/CAM system), it’s time to make your project a reality.

2. Project Management


This is possibly THE biggest area in which a true turnkey supplier helps you out. Pretty much any kind of project in a dental surgery which involves replacing or adding new equipment is complex and requires the input of multiple suppliers and tradespeople.

And project managing the process is a real skill. A real skill to ensure everything happens in the right order at the right time and without costs spiralling upwards.

Equipment suppliers, builders, electricians, plumbers, logistics companies, umpteen different customer service departments….the list goes on…

Even if you relish the idea of drawing up a fancy Gantt chart and ticking off the milestones as they are executed, the reality is it could easily become a full time job and detract from your time spent with patients.

And that’s where an experienced turnkey solutions provider like Blueprint Dental comes in. With nearly two decades of project management experience in dental surgeries, our expert team really can take the hassle out of this huge element of any turnkey project. 

We manage the program and timeline, communicate with multiple parties to keep everything on track, freeing you up to continue running your business.

3. The Build Phase


Most dental surgeries are set up in existing buildings, so repurposing them into a modern, functioning, yet fully compliant work space is not for the faint hearted. This may involve structural changes, repositioning utility supplies and updating the internal layout to provide the required balance between clinical, support and public areas of your practice.

That all requires a building company with specialist skills, who understand what your vision is and may even be able to preserve some of the original features and character of the building.

Here at Blueprint Dental, we can do just that. Our build division understand just what your end game is and work hand in hand with our project management team to keep your project on time and on budget.


4. Equipment Solutions


Another super important area. The equipment solutions you choose will be with you and your patients for a long time, so it’s important to make the right choices. Choosing a turnkey provider who can offer you a range of options from some of the world’s leading dental brands is a real advantage here. Integrated solutions and the possibility of upgrading to digital workflows also come into play here. Is it time to consider a chair-mounted intraoral x-ray, digital intraoral scanning or in-house 3D printing? All of these possibilities can be incorporated into your turnkey solution with the right provider.  Of course, you’ll need a supplier here who has plenty of digital experience and expertise here, who can advise you on the most efficient digital solutions for your speciality and practice.

5. Installation & Commissioning


So, you’ve ordered all the equipment you need, the builders have been in and repurposed the building for your optimised workflow. Now is the time of utmost excitement as all that new equipment starts to arrive in site.

Your dream is becoming a reality in front of your very eyes, but there’s still a whole lot of work to be done to get it all into position, without any scratches or bumps, connected to the required utilities and commissioned in line with the manufacturer’s specification and local regulatory compliance requirements.

This is a hugley important phase and requires finite planning and execution.


6. Training & Handover


It’s really important to also ensure that training is included in your turnkey package. Make sure the suppliers are able to give practical and meaningful training for every piece of kit before it’s handed over to you and your team.

Nothing gives us more pride at Blueprint Dental, than that point where we’ve trained you and your team and you’re ready to go.

Your turnkey solution has been delivered and is a reality. 

Congratulations, you’re up and running! 

But there are still a couple of areas to consider in those first few months after handover.

After sales care during any warranty periods and the lifetime care of your workflows are also worth a mention before we finish and should be part of any conversation with any supplier offering a turnkey solution. 

The truth is you don’t want a supplier whose interest and involvement ends as soon as everything is handed over. You need a company who will stay in close communication with you, provide any required help and support during the equipment’s warranty period and be in a position to offer lifetime care for each and every piece of kit in order to maximise its operational lifetime.

At Blueprint Dental we have a reputation for our service work and overall customer experience, which is second to none. Our engineers are factory-trained and have vast experience in installing and servicing a wide range of dental equipment into dental surgeries and our customer service team are always on hand to help you out when you need it.

So in summary, here’s a list of advantages of choosing a turnkey approach to your next dental project

  • Simple Communication – You’ll just have one point of contact. No multiple parties to try and co-ordinate with and manage. One phone call. One email. All sorted.
  • Project Management – In choosing a  supplier with experienced project managers and a knowledgeable team, everything is taken care of. Timings are synchronised within the project timeline to ensure seamless transition between phase and co-ordinated activities
  • Cost efficiencies – A turnkey provider will co-ordinate all activities in the right sequence, ensuring there’s no costs building up for wanted journeys or visits to site.
  • Time saving – Taking a turnkey approach with an experienced supplier saves you a huge amount of time and stress, enabling you to ‘carry on with your day job’.
  • Financial simplicity – You’ll have just one company to pay – no multiple invoices to track & pay
  • Peace of mind – Responsibility & Trust for the whole project, who you’re sure have the experience for this type of undertaking and who you can trust

We’d love the opportunity to talk to you about a turnkey approach to your next project, about how we can deliver a complete, well-integrated package, optimised and ready for you and your team to start using from Day 1.

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