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Intra Oral Scanning


Trade up your CEREC Omnicam today!

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Exclusive offer for CEREC Omnicam Owners!

This holiday season, we’ve got the perfect gift for CEREC Omnicam owners!

For a limited time only, you can trade up your CEREC Omnicam to the incredible CEREC Primescan.

Primescan AC

CEREC Omnicam owners are entitled to 50% discount off list price when making the switch to CEREC Primescan.*

* valid from 1st November to 31st December 2023

CEREC Primescan – including a battery pack and full CEREC SW 5.2 license with the Pro Package.

Trade up on a 1:1 basis – for every functioning CEREC Omnicam with a chairside license you present, you can trade up to a CEREC Primescan at 50% off list price.

Available throughout the UK from Blueprint Dental.

Advantages of CEREC Primescan

  • Elevate Your Surgery – stay at the forefront of digital dentistry. Impress your patients and boost your practice’s reputation
  • Advanced Precision – take digital impressions to the next level, ensuring the most accurate and lifelike scans
  • Be Prime – Upgrade to CEREC Primescan for better, faster, smarter dentistry

Trade up to the incredible CEREC Primescan today and unwrap the magic of precision dentistry.

CEREC Primescan

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Carestream 9600 CBCT Ceph image

Top 5 Ways Digital Dentistry Can Improve Your Dental Business

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In recent years, advancements in technology have revolutionised many industries and dentistry is no exception. The advent of digital dentistry has transformed the way dental practices and laboratories operate, enhancing efficiency, precision and, ultimately, patient experience. By incorporating digital tools and techniques, dental professionals can streamline their workflows, improve diagnostics and offer advanced treatments. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top five ways digital dentistry can significantly improve your dental business.

1. Enhanced Diagnostic Capabilities

Digital dentistry provides dentists with powerful diagnostic tools that enable accurate and efficient assessment of oral health. With technologies such as cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and intraoral scanners, dentists can capture high-resolution 3D images of the oral cavity. These images offer detailed insights into the patient’s dental structure, aiding the early detection of cavities, bone loss and other oral health issues. Precise diagnostics lead to improved treatment planning, resulting in better patient outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

Carestream CS 8200 3D CBCT
CEREC Product Family

2. Streamlined Workflow and Improved Efficiency

Traditional dental processes often involve multiple manual steps, leading to delays and potential errors. Digital dentistry eliminates many of these challenges by digitising various aspects of dental procedures. Digital record-keeping systems and practice management software simplify administrative tasks, including appointment scheduling and patient communication. Additionally, CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) technology allows for the creation of same-day restorations, such as crowns and bridges, reducing the need for multiple appointments and improving overall workflow efficiency.

3. Precision and Predictability in Restorative Dentistry

Digital dentistry offers precise and predictable outcomes in restorative treatments. Through the use of intraoral scanners, digital impressions can be taken, replacing traditional messy and uncomfortable impression materials. These digital impressions are more accurate, reducing the chance of remakes and adjustments. CAD/CAM technology enables the creation of custom restorations, such as crowns, veneers, and dentures, with exceptional precision and fit. By embracing digital workflows, dentists can provide patients with high-quality restorations in a shorter timeframe, leading to improved patient satisfaction and practice growth.

CS1500 intra oral camera

4. Improved Patient Communication and Engagement

Digital dentistry promotes better patient communication and engagement, resulting in a more informed and satisfied patient base. Intraoral cameras allow dentists to capture and display real-time images of a patient’s oral condition, helping them understand the treatment recommendations and actively participate in their oral care. Treatment plans can be visually presented using 3D models and simulations, enabling patients to visualise the expected outcomes. Digital platforms, such as patient portals and mobile applications, facilitate communication, appointment reminders and educational resources, fostering a stronger patient-dentist relationship.

5. Continuing Education and Collaboration Opportunities

Digital dentistry opens up new avenues for continuing education and collaboration among dental professionals. Web-based platforms and virtual conferences provide access to a vast array of educational resources, allowing dentists to stay updated with the latest techniques and advancements in the field. Online forums and social media communities enable dental professionals to connect and collaborate with peers, fostering knowledge-sharing and interdisciplinary approaches. By embracing digital dentistry, dental practices can foster a culture of ongoing learning and innovation, positioning themselves as leaders in the industry.

i700 group shot

In conclusion, digital dentistry is transforming the dental landscape by enhancing diagnostic capabilities, streamlining workflows, improving treatment precision, and strengthening patient engagement. Embracing these technological advancements can significantly benefit your dental business, leading to improved patient outcomes, increased operational efficiency and enhanced practice growth. By staying abreast of the latest digital tools and techniques, dental professionals can provide exceptional care while staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving dental industry. 

Blueprint Dental is your ideal digital solutions partner as you embark upon your digital dentistry ‘journey’. With years of experience and access to a wide range of the world’s most renowned dental equipment brands, we’ve helped countless dental surgeries and laboratories transform their workflows from totally analogue to wholly digital.

If you’re thinking of starting your digital transformation, or already have some elements in place which you’d like to expand upon, contact us for a no obligation chat about your project and vision for your dental business.

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Medit intra oral scanner summer pricing

New season – new scanner?

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New season…new scanner?


Summer is here and we’re celebrating with some flaming hot pricing on Medit intra oral scanners!

Grab yourself a Medit i600 intra oral scanner for just £9,500*

Or the Medit i700 intra oral scanner for just £11,700*

Or even a top of the range Medit i700 wireless intra oral scanner for just £12,900*

*Prices do not include a laptop and are exclusive of VAT.

Medit i700 wireless intra oral scanner in patient setting

Need to add a laptop?

No problem!

Simply add in the Laptop Option:

17’’ QHD LED Monitor, Intel Core i9 24 Core, 32GB DDR5 RAM, x2 1TB SSD, Nvidia RTX 4070, Win 11 Pro, 3 Year Silver Warranty


*exclusive of VAT.


Have a question or want to find out more? Contact our Hi Tech expert, Chaz Sidhu...


Chaz Sidhu is our Hi Tech expert and has a vast experience in setting dental practices up with intra oral scanners and assisting dental professionals on their digital journey.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your existing Medit i500 intra oral scanner, chat to Chaz today and he’ll help you decide which is the most appropriate options for your business and your patients.

You can call Chaz on 07798 666 437 or email him here.

Or call us now on 0800 228 9828, complete the form below or email

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Medit Software Updates


We’re really excited to announce some key software updates from our partners at Medit.

These upgrades will further enhance your scanner’s performance through innovative technology solutions.

Here’s a quick round up of some of the highlights to look out for:

Medit Link v2.6

Update your Medit Link now to take advantage of some great new features:

  • Introducing Medit Link NFT
    • NFTs are digital assets with blockchain-based ownership that record the ownership of digital files, which means no one can change the ownership of an NFT on the blockchain or produce the same NFT.
  • Plus Margin Line as colour data
    • Users can export the margin line created through Medit Scan for Clinics as color data with maxillary and mandibular data—also an industry first.
    • Colour data is available in CAD, making the job more efficient.

Medit Scan for Clinics v1.8

Convenient Digital Impressions

  • Smart Scan Guide
    • Provides guidance to help improve the overall scan quality.
  • Smart Shade Guide
    • Provides A.I.-powered shade recommendations based on collected scan data.
  • Improved User Experience
    • The improved data processing algorithm supports a faster, smoother scanning experience.
    • Optimized PC usage boosts rapid scan acquisition and processing on lower-spec PCs.
  • Firmware Update for the i700
    • Provides clearer, more precise scanning.
    • Supports Thunderbolt 4 for improved Plug & Scan connectivity.

Medit Scan for Labs v1.3

Import Local Files

  • Users can now import local files directly from PCs.
  • Import multiple 3D data from the Flexible Multi-Die Scan Stage.

If you have a question or would like to know more about updating your Medit software, please complete the form below and we'll be right back

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