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Phil Reddington with Nexa3d XiP

Nexa 3D XiP Printer – Customer Testimonial – Beever Dental Technology

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Phil Reddington, MD of Beever Dental Technology tells us about his recent experience with Blueprint Dental and the Nexa3D XiP printer…

At Beever Dental we constantly strive to keep ahead of the surge in digital technology, in order to maintain our clients’ and patients’ needs for the perfect smile. Something which we always strive to provide at Beever Dental.

Beever Dental lab
Nexa3D XiP Printer at Beever Dental

“Having known Mark Welch from Nexa3D and Alan Wright from Blueprint Dental for a while and done business with them both, it made sense to speak to them when the new Nexa3D XiP printer came to my attention.

“As a result, we have now added this unit to my digital team’s tools to help us maintain the standards required and expected of our lab. 

“And I must say it doesn’t let you down.”

XiP 3D printed product
3D printed dental product
Nexa3D XiP Dental Printer Product

Phil continues, “As with all new tech, there was the learning curve to get up and running and we’d also like to thank David Brown and the team at Blueprint for the set up and Mark Welch for his continued support.

“The Nexa3D XiP does the job and does it well.”

Thank you Phil and team. We’re delighted that the XiP has fitted so well into your digital workflows and is helping you create those all-important perfect smiles for your clients.

If you'd like to find out more about the Nexa3D XiP printer, simple complete the form below or call us on 0800 228 9828...

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Revolutionising Dental Laboratories: Unveiling the Advantages of Medit T Series Tabletop Scanners

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In today’s fast-paced world, dental laboratories strive to keep up with the ever-evolving demands of dentistry, while maintaining efficiency and precision. 

Among the innovative technologies transforming the dental industry, the Medit T Series Tabletop Scanners stand out as game-changers. These cutting-edge scanners have been gaining popularity among dental professionals due to their remarkable advantages, enabling dental laboratories to elevate their workflow and deliver exceptional results. In this blog post, we’ll explore the remarkable advantages of the Medit T Series Tabletop Scanners and how they are revolutionising dental laboratories worldwide.

1. Unmatched Precision and Accuracy

At the heart of any successful dental laboratory lies precision and accuracy. The Medit T Series Tabletop Scanners boast state-of-the-art technology that captures even the finest details with extraordinary accuracy. Thanks to their high-resolution scanning capabilities, these scanners deliver crystal-clear 3D images of dental impressions, ensuring a precise and reliable foundation for dental restoration workflows. With less room for errors, dental laboratories can reduce the need for remakes, saving valuable time and resources.

Medit T series dental lab tabletop canner

2. Seamless Integration with CAD/CAM Systems

Medit T Series Tabletop Scanners are designed with the future of digital dentistry in mind. These scanners seamlessly integrate with various CAD/CAM systems, making the transition from traditional to digital workflows smoother than ever. Dental laboratories can effortlessly import scan data into popular dental software, facilitating precise design and customization of restorations. The compatibility of the Medit T Series with industry-standard software ensures a flexible and versatile approach to dental restorations.

3. Ergonomic and Space-Saving Design

Physical space within dental laboratories is often at a premium. The compact and tabletop design of the Medit T Series Scanners ensures they are space-efficient, allowing laboratories to optimise their workspace without compromising on scanning capabilities. Moreover, their user-friendly design and intuitive interface make them easy to operate, reducing the learning curve for technicians and increasing overall efficiency.

4. Speed and Efficiency

Time is of the essence in a dental laboratory, where swift turnaround times can make all the difference. The Medit T Series Tabletop Scanners excel in this area, offering lightning-fast scan speeds without compromising on accuracy. In a matter of minutes, these scanners can capture a full-arch scan, allowing technicians to streamline their workflows and meet tight deadlines. As a result, dental laboratories can enhance productivity, maintain a competitive edge and provide patients with faster treatment solutions.


5. Improved Patient Experience

Dental laboratories play a crucial role in the patient experience by providing high-quality restorations that fit seamlessly and comfortably. The Medit T Series Tabletop Scanners contribute to an improved patient experience through precise and accurate scanning, leading to better-fitting dental restorations. Patients benefit from reduced chair time and enhanced comfort, resulting in increased patient satisfaction and positive word-of-mouth referrals for the dental practice.

6. Enhancing Collaboration and Communication

Effective communication between dental laboratories and dental practices is vital for successful outcomes. The Medit T Series Tabletop Scanners offer seamless data transfer, enabling dental professionals to share 3D scan files with ease. This enhanced collaboration streamlines the workflow, allowing for real-time feedback, adjustments and customization, ultimately leading to better treatment planning and superior results for patients.

Dental technician with Medit T series

In conclusion, the Medit T Series Tabletop Scanners have emerged as indispensable tools for dental laboratories, redefining the standards of precision, efficiency, and patient care in the digital age of dentistry. With their unmatched scanning capabilities, seamless integration, and space-saving design, these scanners empower dental professionals to achieve excellence in their restorative workflows. By investing in Medit T Series Tabletop Scanners, dental laboratories embrace the future of digital dentistry and position themselves at the forefront of the ever-advancing dental industry.

Medit T Series Tabletop Scanners are available throughout the UK from Blueprint Dental. We’ve successfully helped a huge number of dental laboratories incorporate digital technologies and workflows into their day-to-day activities.

We can help you decide which tabletop scanner is right for your business and budget and provide training to ensure you and your team get the most out of your investment.

Call us today on 0800 228 9828 or simply complete the form below…

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Digital dental laboratory

6 Ways Digital Dentistry Can Revolutionise Your Dental Laboratory Business

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In today’s fast-paced world, the dental industry is embracing the digital revolution. 

Traditional methods in dental laboratories are being rapidly replaced by innovative technologies that offer enhanced precision, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Digital dentistry has emerged as a game-changer, providing dental laboratories with the tools and techniques to streamline their processes and deliver superior results to patients and dentists alike.

In this blog post, we’ll explore six ways digital dentistry can help your dental laboratory business thrive.

CEREC Software

1.Enhanced Precision and Accuracy

One of the most significant advantages of digital dentistry is its ability to offer unparalleled precision and accuracy. Digital impressions, aided by intraoral scanners, eliminate the need for messy and uncomfortable conventional impressions. The digital data captured provides a comprehensive and accurate representation of the patient’s oral condition, allowing your dental laboratory to design restorations with a level of precision that was previously unattainable. The result is reduced remakes, improved patient satisfaction and better collaboration with dentists.

Switching to a Computed Aided Design (CAD) package can seem daunting. Yes, there are many to choose from and, yes, maybe a few new terms to get your head around. But with the right guidance from an experienced dental equipment provider and the right training, you’ll soon feel competent and comfortable designing and saving your new dental products ready to be produced seamlessly via 3D printing or a dental milling unit.

2.Faster Turnaround Times

Traditional methods of producing dental restorations can be time-consuming and, let’s face it, we’ve all seen examples of poor quality impressions, which are difficult, if not impossible, to work from! Aside from the problems this causes in terms of producing a successful product for the patient, it also slows the whole fabrication process down. Repeated calls back to the practice for clarification and perhaps even an inconvenient delay whilst the patient is called back to re-do the impression completely.

However, digital dentistry expedites the workflow significantly. With CAD/CAM technology, designs are created digitally and can be sent directly to milling machines or 3D printers. This streamlined process drastically reduces production times, enabling your dental laboratory to deliver restorations to dentists in a much shorter timeframe. Faster turnaround times not only increase client satisfaction, but also allow you to handle more cases, leading to increased revenue potential.

inLab Digital CAM

3. Cost Savings

While the initial investment in digital dentistry technology may seem substantial, it can lead to significant long-term cost savings for your dental laboratory business. By eliminating the need for physical models, impression materials, and manual labour associated with traditional techniques, you can actually reduce overhead expenses.
But, surprisingly, there’s no need to be put off by the thought of big initial payments. Talking to a total solutions provider, like Blueprint Dental, from the outset will enable you to explore a whole host of finance options. We’ll work with our partners, Vector Finance, to show you some financial illustrations based on the digital equipment you would like and the payback periods you’d prefer.

And, in addition, the digital workflow reduces the chances of errors and remakes, further saving both time and resources. Over time, the return on investment becomes evident as your business operates more efficiently.


4. Expanded Range of Services

Digital dentistry opens up a vast array of new possibilities for dental laboratory services. With computer-aided design and manufacturing, you can offer a broader range of dental restorations, including crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers and even orthodontic appliances. This versatility allows you to cater to a more extensive client base, attract new dentists and strengthen existing partnerships.

The ability to offer innovative and sophisticated solutions will set your dental laboratory apart from competitors.

5. Improved Communication and Collaboration

Communication between dental laboratories and dentists is critical for successful outcomes.

Returning to our nightmare scenario of the low quality impression, where there’s a lot of time consuming to-ing and fro-ing with the practice, digital dentistry negates the need totally and facilitates seamless communication.

Software platforms enable real-time collaboration on case planning and design. Dentists can provide feedback on digital designs and adjustments can be made swiftly, ensuring that the final restoration meets the exact specifications and expectations. This efficient collaboration fosters stronger relationships with dentists, leading to increased referrals and a positive reputation in the dental community.

6. Embracing Sustainability

In recent years, sustainability has become a significant concern for businesses across a huge range of industries and dentistry is no different.

Digital dentistry aligns with eco-friendly practices by reducing material waste associated with conventional dental methods. The transition to digital workflows minimises the need for disposable items like impression trays and materials, thus contributing to a greener and more environmentally conscious approach to dental laboratory operations.

4D clear aligners are also now available for orthodontic devices which significantly reduce the amount of plastic used in teeth alignment treatment plans. (please contact us for more information on the ClearX range of clear aligners)

ClearX Aligners

In conclusion, digital dentistry is transforming the landscape of dental laboratories, offering unparalleled advantages that significantly benefit your business. From improved precision and faster turnaround times to expanded services and sustainability, embracing digital technologies can boost efficiency, save costs, and enhance collaboration with dentists. By staying ahead of the curve and adopting digital dentistry, your dental laboratory can remain competitive in the ever-evolving dental industry and provide top-notch restorations that meet and exceed patient expectations.

If you’re looking to take that first big step to introduce digital workflows to your dental laboratory, look no further than the dental lab team at Blueprint Dental. We’ve helped numerous labs transition from traditional fabrication techniques to full 21st century digital solutions.

We’ll guide you through the whole process from conception, planning, equipment selection, finance and project management, right through to installation and commissioning to the day you take on your first fully digital cases and beyond.

To discuss in more detail, simply call us on 0800 228 9828 or complete the form below to get the ball rolling!

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XiP Summer Offer

Sizzling Summer offer on the XiP 3D printer

By Digital Dentistry offers, Lab Offers, Offers

Our Summer Sizzling 3D Printer Offer Has Arrived!

What’s better than a blazingly fast 3D printer?

A blazingly fast 3D printer PLUS an all-in-one washing and curing system that is versatile, easy to use and FREE OF CHARGE!

This summer, we’ll throw in a Wash+Cure post-processing unit with every XiP printer purchase. That’s worth a fabulous £649!

To find out more contact Alan Wright on 07904 413 211 or email here

Alternatively simply complete the form below and we'll be right back in touch with you...

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Testimonial banner for Skill-Tech

Nexa3d XiP addition to Skilltech Dental Studio

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We’re delighted to have recently installed a NEXA3D XiP 3D printer at Skilltech Dental Studio.

Here’s what Ray has to say about the project…

Having been in this trade for 35 years, the need to embrace the digital revolution became more and more a necessity to my lab’s development, keeping existing and future clients happy and continuing the workflow into my business.

I have dealt with Alan Wright from his days at Chaperlin and Jacobs to his position running the lab division at Blueprint Dental.
So I reached out to Alan and the Blueprint team. He came back to me with various solutions for the printer route, but made me aware of a new solution soon to be added to Blueprints portfolio, the NEXA3D range, so I asked for the information on all options.

He was very honest on the pros and cons of all information provided.

I have always valued the advice and information I have received from Alan and decided to start my journey with Blender4Dental as my design software and began my learning process with Andrew Wheeler and Blueprint on the Blender side.

This gave me time to assess the NEXA3D system and thanks goes out to Mark Welch and the NEXA3D team with Blueprint. They came to visit me at the lab and took me through the advantages of the NEXA3D XiP and what it could bring to my laboratory.

I placed the order, all smoothly processed by Blueprint and Vector Finance, who Blueprint put me in touch with and waited on the system to arrive.

Installation and handover went very smoothly and I am now working daily with this new addition to my laboratory and all I can say is ‘WOW’, the ease of use, speed is amazing.

Highly recommend to those starting their digital journey into printing, or those looking to keep ahead of the game.Thanks to:Alan at Blueprint Dental Ltd.
Mark and team at Vector Finance.
Mark Welch and team at NEXA3DAnd my printing silent partner —-the Xip.
A happy printer tech.
Well, thank you too, Ray. It is a pleasure working with you!

If you'd like to find out more about Nexa3D Xip, please contact Alan Wright on 07904 413211 or complete the contact from below...

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Meet XiP – The Top 6 Reasons To Choose This Ultrafast Desktop Resin 3D Dental Printer

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The Nexa3D XiP 3D Dental Printer is now available from Blueprint Dental and offers several advantages over traditional dental manufacturing methods.

With XiP, you really can have it all – speed, productivity, quality, ease-of-use, and affordability.

Here are just half a dozen reasons to consider XiP for your dental lab or practice:

  1. Speed:

XiP uses a patented LSPc technology that allows it to print at rapid speeds, enabling dentists and dental technicians to produce dental models, aligners and surgical guides in a fraction of the time required by traditional manufacturing methods.

  1. Accuracy & Precision:

The Nexa3D XiP 3D Dental Printer offers exceptional accuracy, with layer thicknesses as small as 0.1mm. This ensures that dental restorations fit precisely and require minimal adjustments.


3. Quality:

XiP uses a wide range of high-quality resins to produce durable dental restorations that are resistant to wear and tear. The materials used are biocompatible, ensuring that restorations are safe for patients.

  1. Cost-effective: 

Desktop 3D printing eliminates the need for expensive larger equipment for most small to medium sized labs and dental practices. The ability to use only the required amount of resin also reduces material waste. This makes the Nexa3D XiP 3D Dental Printer a cost-effective solution for dental labs and practices.

  1. Versatile:

The printer can be used to produce a wide range of dental restorations, including dental models, aligners, surgical guides, and prosthetics. This versatility allows dentists and labs to expand their services and offer more options to patients.

6. Automation:

The printer’s software allows for easy automation of the printing process, freeing up staff time and increasing productivity.

Overall, the Nexa3D XiP 3D Dental Printer offers significant advantages over traditional dental manufacturing methods, allowing dental labs and practices to produce high-quality dental restorations quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

Have a question about XiP 3D dental printing or want to find out more?

Please contact Alan Wright, Business Development Manager, Dental Labs on 07904 413211 or email

image of Alan Wright

Blueprint announces 3D printing partnership with Nexa3D!

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Discover our exciting new range of Nexa3D dental printers!

We’re really excited to announce a new strategic partnership for the UK dental sector with Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast professional and industrial polymer 3D printers. The partnership will combine Blueprint’s extensive sales and service experience in the dental laboratory market with Nexa3D’s end-to-end validated workflow for arguably the highest accuracy 3D printing solution for dental labs available today.

The new XiP Professional Desktop printer is built on Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc®) Technology, allowing users to print at fabulous speeds of up to 18 cm per hour. Its 4.8L build volume, unrivalled speed and an open material platform make it accessible to every dental professional looking to 3D print dental products.


Our Sales & Marketing Director, Sharaz Mir, commented. “Digital dentistry workflows are playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of dental laboratory life and we recognise the need to provide the UK market with accurate, reliable 3D printing solutions which have the capability of speedily producing a wide range of dental products.”

“Adding Nexa3D’s high throughput 3D dental printers to our portfolio, together with a wide range of high performing dental resins, enables us to serve the UK laboratory market with the highest standard equipment, consumables and technical support.”

Business Development Manager for Labs, Alan Wright added.

“The new XiP Desktop 3D Printer prints up to 6 flat models in under 30 minutes. The range also offers a wash & cure unit which is also simple to use, allowing you to print at scale with confidence and ease.”


For more information, please complete the form below or contact: Alan Wright, Business Development Manager – Labs, Blueprint Dental Ltd on 07904 413 211

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Perfecta 300_600_family

Make your lab life easier with a Perfecta Micromotor Control Unit

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The ability to produce highly accurate dental products can be enhanced and facilitated with a high quality laboratory micromotor.

The Perfecta range from W&H, available from Blueprint Dental, offers a brushless motor, operating at speeds up to 100,000 rpm, together with an integrated air jet function to instantly blow away chips and debris from the working surface. So, no more reaching for the air gun, saving you time and effort.

With the choice of a foot, table or knee control unit, the technician really can choose which option works best for their own preferred ergonomic set up.

Whatever your choice, the motor speed is easily controllable so you can accurately machine a wide range of materials, including ceramics.

Whichever Perfecta unit fits your needs and budget the best, you know you’re getting a high quality piece of kit which will only enhance your own high levels of craftsmanship; all complete with a 2 year warranty for added peace of mind.

More on the Perfecta range

Have a question or want to find out more? Simply complete the form below or call Alan Wright on 07904 413211.

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Chris Bird joins Blueprint Dental as National Sales Manager

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We’re delighted to announce that Chris Bird has joined Blueprint Dental as National Sales Manager.
Many of you will already know Chris, who is a well known and respected sales professional, with over 20 years experience in the UK dental equipment industry, having progressed his career with a number of key UK & global dental brands, including an excellent grounding at Sirona GmbH in his early days in the industry.
Chris will lead both our surgery and lab teams, working alongside Sales & Marketing Director, Sharaz Mir, and our existing specialist business development professionals.
“Chris brings a wealth of experience to our sales teams,” says Sharaz, “and will be instrumental in the continuation and further development of our customer offerings and solutions as we continue to move forwards We’re really excited that he has come to join us at Blueprint Dental.”
With a keen interest in football, Chris coaches a number of football teams in his spare time.

Welcome to our ‘Meet the Blueprint family’ blog series

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First up is Alan Wright, our Business Development Manager for the dental laboratory side of Blueprint.

Many of you will already know Alan and will have encountered first hand his wealth of knowledge and experience in the dental lab field.

But do you know any more about him and where all that knowledge came from?

Read on to find out more!

Alan served for 22 years in the Army and those of you who know Alan will know that his Army days are still a big part of his life and one which he still holds dear to his heart.

Alan joined the Royal Army Medical Corp as a Combat Medic, later transferring to the Royal Army Dental Corp, where he qualified as a Dental Technician and went on to specialise as a Maxillo-Facial Technician, working with some of the military’s leading Maxillofacial and Restorative Consultants.

On leaving the Army, he forged a successful career with various laboratory supply companies, developing into the very well-known and respected sales professional that we all know today.



These days Alan has the enviable task of developing Blueprint Dental’s laboratory division of which he says, “Every day is different. Big or small, I enjoy working with every lab. We apply the same high level of attention to detail on every project, backed up by the knowledge that all our customers receive the great level of service support which Blueprint is renowned for.”

Alan is also founder of Dental Technicians Great Britain, a very well known Facebook group, with over 2,000 active members. The group provides an active forum for discussion and tips on ‘all things dental lab’.

Outside of work, Alan is a passionate family man and a keen Sub Aqua diver. Having relocated to North Wales, he likes to relax walking his dogs in all the fine countryside which now surrounds him and also enjoys a spot of fishing.

And dare we mention, he’s a keen Southampton FC follower? “Oh when the Saints….”