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Not all dental cabinets are created equal – find out why…

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Not all cabinets are created equal. Sure, the general fundamentals are similar to a degree, but when it comes to the requirements of the dental sector,  it’s a whole new ball game.


Because we aren’t talking about generic storage solutions here, and that goes whether you’re a lab owner or a dental practitioner.

What we are talking about is bespoke, commercial grade furniture, fabricated to your exact specification and designed not only enhance your workspace, but to impress and reassure your clientele.

Sound a little over the top? Well, let us explain……

Love your space 

While we know how important it is to choose the correct equipment for your dental surgery or lab, the same level of focus should really be applied to your cabinetry layout. Your dental cabinetry should enhance your workspace and complement not only your dental chair, laboratory kit and equipment, but also the way you choose to work. This can be as simple as ensuring you have enough storage space and ample room around the head of the chair, or as involved as creating a unique mobile equipment housing to make life easier while undertaking specialist procedures.

Either way, given the number of hours you are likely to spend in your surgery or at your lab station, taking the time to consider your workspace layout is time very well spent.

Apex Dental
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It’s not all about you 

Yes it’s your surgery or yes, it’s your laboratory and its layout and overall aesthetic should be built around you and your requirements. However, take time to think about who else this room is going to have an impact on. This will be your patients if you’re in a clinical setting, for sure, but whatever your specialism, it will also have a bearing on your colleagues and other visitors. The layout and décor of your surgery is going to set expectations for your patients from the outset. If the room looks too clinical, too cluttered or even too dated, those already uncomfortable in such environments could find it harder to relax.

Similarly, if you’ve positioned yourself in the upper echelons of the industry, your cabinetry needs to make a statement that supports this. Of course there are multiple other factors that play their part, but paying due consideration to what your surgery or laboratory design says to your clientele about you and your business should always be an integral part of the process.

Consider it as part of your brand and be consistent in the way you apply it.

Made to measure

To the layman it’s easy to glance around a dental surgery and just see generic cabinetry – a few cupboards and drawers to store stuff in, but the truth is almost every unit is likely to have been designed with a very specific purpose and workflow in mind.

Bin units that open with the touch of a foot or knee to minimise hand contact, amalgam mixer housings that cleverly utilise a slide out worktop to facilitate use or baseless dispensing wall units that remove the need for constantly opening doors.

All of these things must be designed specifically with dental practitioners in mind and will ultimately contribute to the efficient running, seamless workflow and successful infection prevention routines of your business.

And that’s where we come in.

Here at Blueprint we have developed the most innovative units that help you maximise your workspace.

And together with our partners at CMC Commercial Cabinetry, we’ll work with you every step of the way and are confident we have a solution for you From PC storage with integrated solid surface keyboard slides to bespoke server housings, from laboratory benching with integrated extraction to surgery runs which maximise infection prevention.

Dental Surgery Cabinetry

Built to last

Now this is a biggie.

One of the fundamental differences between proprietary and bespoke cabinetry is the inherent quality of the materials and components used.

Entry level domestic units don’t even come close to the standard or quality of bespoke units. For commercial use you should be looking at 18mm Laminated Furniture Grade MDF and/or Acrylic Faced Board as the primary materials. These have incomparable strength when viewed alongside other offerings and give you peace of mind if you are considering the longevity of your new fit out.

Think of it this way:

Imagine your kitchen at home, how many times a day are you opening and closing those doors? Once? Twice?

Now think of your workspace and ask the same question. Undoubtedly the dental cabinetry in your surgery is getting quite the workout in comparison, so ensuring it’s fit for purpose is critical.

The same goes for the components, from hinges to drawer runners; they need to be of a commercial grade and be designed to stand the test of time.

This is equally applicable in a dental laboratory setting, where there may also be other factors to consider, such as fine particle extraction and equipment integration – neither of which are going to be addressed with flat packed cabinets from your local DIY retailer.

The finishing touch

This can be the tricky bit – choosing colours and finishes.

Some people have clear ideas right from the outset and others leave it to the very last second before making a choice. Either way there’s no escaping it’s an important decision…and one you have to live with once it’s made!

And with so many options available it can be a bit of a minefield.

Gloss or matt?

White frontals and coloured worktop or visa versa? or both?!

It helps if someone with expertise can guide you and perhaps show you previously installed combinations to give you an idea of what might work for you. And what works for you might not be someone else’s cup of tea at all.

You, for instance, might be looking to match the colours with your chair upholstery, whereas someone else might be looking for pure white for a more clinical look. You might have you r heart set on a contemporary design, with funky, bright colours, whilst someone else may opt for more soothing pastel shades or a monochrome effect.

Whichever way, working with a company experienced in such things will give you an extra degree of confidence when looking at those finishing touches.

At Blueprint, we have that experience and all round expertise to make sure you select the best cabinetry for your speciality, your workflow, your budget and your taste!

We’d love to help you with your project. The first step is easy. Just give us a call or complete the form below and we’ll help you every step of the way from here on in…

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