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Offers Higher Cutting Efficiency for Better Removal of Hard Substances

The Synea Power Edition 1:4 high-speed contra-angle handpiece has been designed to remove high-strength materials, like zirconia, which have been increasingly used in restorative dentistry. In addition to featuring all the proven qualities of the Synea brand, the Power Edition’s extra strength and durability allows it to withstand use with hard materials, making it the ideal addition to your armamentarium. Designed for heavy-duty applications these handpieces will give you more options when removing decay, restorations, crowns, and bridges etc. The optimized 1:4 gear ratio and 160,000 rpm allow it to take on even the hardest materials quickly and efficiently.

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• Higher cutting efficiency for impressive removal rate

• Reduced treatment times and improve efficacy

• 20% longer service life

• New head design for more precise bur guidance

• 20% more bur clamping force with the new FG chucking system

• New push button chuck design for easier bur change

Higher cutting efficiency for impressive removal rate

Standard high-speed handpieces are not designed for the removal of hard materials such as zirconia restorations as cutting these materials often require the application of increase pressure to improve removal rate. The downside is that this not only wears out the bur faster and may risk thermal damage to vital teeth, it puts undue pressure on your handpiece shortening its working life. No more, with the Synea Power Edition cutting efficiency is improved without having to apply extra pressure. These innovative contra angle handpieces ensure the optimum bur speed and provide the additional torque for the ideal ratio required to cut hard materials efficiently.

With the optimized transmission rate, removal rate is maximized whilst chair time is minimized.

The relationship between speed and torque is inversely proportional, as speed increases, torque decreases and vice versa. The clinical indication determines whether higher torque or speed is required. Hard substances require additional torque, whilst the high bur speeds may not be required. A 1:4 contra-angle handpiece provides the ideal solution allowing an optimal working speed up to 160,000 rpm from a standard 40,000 rpm setting.

Protecting your investment and reducing downtime

Cutting harder materials, causes considerable wear and tear for conventional handpieces by pushing them to their mechanical limits, causing potential downtime, service costs and reduced working life. The Synea Power Edition’s extra durability and robust chucking system makes them less susceptible to mechanical failures due to overload. Due to its durability the Power Editions’ service life is 20% greater than standard speed-increasing handpieces being used to cut hard materials.

The Extra robust FG chucking system offers:

• An unbelievable 20% increase in clamping force

• A chucking system made for heavy load applications

Enjoy easier bur changes:

• New easy to use push button design

• Simple, smooth design facilitating easy bur change during treatment

• To ensure cutting performance is maintained by changing burs more frequently

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The new head design ensures:

• Pressure is more effectively distributed

• Precise preparation is easier to achieve

The optimized ergonomics offer:

• Robust design for longer working life

• Supreme ergonomics with optimised shaft design ensures a secure grip and perfect balance

Optimal illumination and proper cooling of the treatment site ensures:

• Constant light quality due to compact glass rod

• 3 port spray provides efficient cooling of the rotating instrument and the treatment site with a water flow of more than 50 ml/minute

The integrated maintenance-free spray filter additionally prevents nozzle clogging and ensures a constant high-water quality.


The Power Edition are available in the Synea Vision WK-900 LT and Synea Fusion WG-900 LT (with light) and the WG-900 A (without light).


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