Incredible inside & out

From the outside

Lisa’s smooth surfaces offer a fresh, ergonomic design which not only acts as a pivotal piece of equipment in your surgery, but looks great too!

A crystal clear, colour display, simple menu structure and awesome artificial intelligence working away in the background turn this high end Class B sterilizer into one of the most stress-free, comfortable and safest systems in the world.

Full peace of mind for your daily infection control routines.

Xray image Lisa Steam Sterilizer

From the inside

So many elements, so much incredible technology and so many parts, completely integrated, in the right place and ready to serve and fulfil the daily requirements of a high end B type steam sterilizer!


Incredible thanks to....


The outstanding technology of the display and LED indicators offers cycle status information, temperature information and much more to optimize both workflow and output at a glance.


For the first time, the steam sterilization process can be traced and documented right down to the individual instrument or instrument kit. Without additional software or computer.

Eco Dry+

Eco Dry technology adapts the drying time to the mass of the load. This reduces the cycle time, increases the life span of your instruments and optimizes the energy consumption.

Intuitive interface


Perfect ergonomics

New environmentally friendly packaging

Shipped to you in new environmentally friendly packaging which is completely reusable and recyclable. Plastic components are reduced to a minimum. 99% of  the packing weight is cardboard and other fully biodegradable substances.

Plus the Lisa Steam Sterilizer also benefits from an Extended Documentation package...

The new Lisa offers the possibility to trace back to the single instrument without any paper handling, dedicated computer or software.

High capacity data logger

The high capacity USB drive automatically records the cycle reports for the entire life of Lisa.

Customized to your needs

Lisa’s traceability menu offers a wide range of options to customize your own traceability system to your exact needs.

User identification

Allows you to digitally record the user who loaded and unloaded the sterilizer. Each user is identified by a 6-digit PIN.

Load release confirmation

This option digitally records the end user name and their confirmation of the successful sterilization and/or test cycle.

Easy and practical

Lisa enables you to select the number of labels to be printed by LisaSafe either automatically or manually.

Convenient and economical

The Ethernet connection allows 4 Lisa sterilizers to share one LisaSafe label printer.

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