Steam sterilizers – Meet Lisa, Lara, Lara XL & Lyla

The Lisa Class B Steam Sterilizer – incredible inside & outside

Lisa steam sterilizers are built for your dental practice’s highest demands.

They’re incredibly user-friendly thanks to EliSense information system, all easily brought to you via LED indicators and large, clear display.


The Lisa steam sterilizer offers complete traceability, right down to a single instrument or instrument-kit level, using the incredible EliTrace feature.

Cycles are super efficient thanks to the patented Eco Dry + technology.

The Lara Steam Sterilizer

As unique as your practice The standard versions of the new Lara sterilizers already offer the fastest sterilization cycle in their class – including standard documentation. An additional, newly developed upgrade system offers even more speed and Extended documentation if you so wish – and ensures you are optimally equipped even if your requirements change.

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The Lara XL Steam Sterilizer

Lara XL will exceed your expectations

The technical expertise makes the difference. The Lara XL sterilizer is
based on a sophisticated technical concept that offers future-oriented possibilities and significantly simplifies your workflow.

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Lara XL Front view

The Lyla Steam Sterilizer – The futureproof S type sterilizer

Significant for your needs
The W&H Lyla S type steam sterilizer is a safe and sustainable way to reprocess items, both wrapped and unwrapped.

The Lyla sterilizer facilitates daily activities enormously, thanks to its fast cycles, effortless interaction, reduced maintenance and additional
upgrade functions to fulfil your individual needs.

Teon & Teon + Washer Disinfectors – Top performers for high cleaning standards

The new W&H thermal washer disinfectors, Teon and Teon +, provide high quality benefits for efficient and effective cleaning and disinfection of your dental instruments.

Thanks to its dedicated programs it offers the best cleaning and disinfection for your dental practice. Teon assists in making your infection control protocol easy and efficient, reducing the reprocessing time and increasing consistent protection against cross contamination whilst reducing the risk of sharps injuries.

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