• The quickest and most effective pump
  • 3-stage mixing
  • Electronic vacuum measurement
  • Triple filtration
  • One hand operation

TWISTmixers createperfect,homogeneousmasswithoutbubbles,lumpsandagglomerates.The microprocessorcontrolenables program settingandperfectexecutionofthe threemixingsteps.

Pre-mix usesareducedspeedtopreventdisposingofpowderremainsofthemixerandeliminatemassclustering.

The effectivenessofthisstageissupportedbyadditionalfunctions:

  • Rotation direction changehelpstomoistendrypowderandobtaina homogeneousmass.
  • Pre-vacuumsucksreactivegasesfromthe massbeforemixing.

The mainmixing usesfullpowerofthemixer.Ausercanadjustspeedofrotations,the vacuumlevelandprocess time.There is noneedtorememberthe parametersforeachmass as there are up to100freelyavailable modifiedprograms.

Finalmixing istoreducethenumberofgasbubblesformedonthesurfaceofthe mixingmassafterstopping the mixing process.


Twister Evolution Vacuum Mixing Units

High speed, vacuum mixing unit, diaphragm pump for the vacuum and eight programmable mixing functions.


  • Reliable processing of large amounts due to high speed.
  • 99 programs available via a large, highly luminous display.
  • Reduction of bubbles due to vacuum which can be regulated from 70% to 100%.


  • Can be used flexibly for alginate impression materials and all duplicating and model materials used in dental technology.

Vacuum Mixer Wamix-Touch

Wamix-Touch: The high-capacity and maintenance-free vacuum pump and the speed regulation of the mixer unit makes the Classic well-suited to all kinds of plaster, embedding compounds and silicones. Depending on the application three vacuum levels are adjustable. Since it just requires a single power supply connection, the selection of the location is very flexible.

Range of application:

The Wamix-mixers by Wassermann impress with their perfect and bubble free results. They are easy to operate and extremely robust, which makes work much easier for sure. A touch screen and the newly developed control panel allow the user to set the relevant parameters quickly and easily. The technological highlights of the Wamix Series provide the foundation for first class products – quick and reproducible.

> The basic model of the vacuum mixing units with reliable and maintenance-free injector pump.
> Very space saving, simple handling, highly efficient operation and perfect technology are the characteristics of the D-VM 10.
> The display shows the programmed time and remaining time.
> The manometer display informs about the vacuum values in mbar.
> The robust, high-torque mixing motor can be switched from clockwise to counterclockwise rotation.
> The maintenance-free vacuum pump quickly achieves a vacuum of up to 950 mbar.
> A robust 300 ml acrylic mixing bowl is included.
> The D-VM 10 is available as desk or wall unit.

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