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The Treatment Center is at the heart of the dentist or hygienist’s working day and an integral part of the patient’s experience. Patient comfort, ergonomics and workflow all pivot around the treatment center. Purchasing a new treatment centre is likely to be one of the most important decisions you make in the setting up or refurbishing of your surgery. Colour, working configuration and specification all play a key part in the patient’s experience during their visit, as well the comfort and well being of you and your team.

So, it’s good to know that you can rely on Blueprint’s extensive knowledge and experience  to assist you along the way, whatever your specialism or the procedures you work on.

Meet The New Axano Treatment Center from Dentsply Sirona

Where Design Meets Workflow

Axano combines a smart design with a high degree of comfort and innovative treatment functions. Sleek lines, Ambient Light and Smart Touch combine to create a modern, elegant design.

Axano offers you excellent workflows that make treatments more comfortable and more efficient and hygiene processes more reliable, facilitating extensive benefits for your practice and
your patients.

When ease of operation enhances satisfaction: The innovative Smart Touch user interface offers you a digital experience that can be adjusted to your personal needs.

Where Treatment Meets Experience

The endo, implant and face treatment function of the Axano can help simplify your workflow and improve clinical safety during treatment. Axano enables you to dispense with external devices and work more efficiently. During therapy, all treatment steps are visualised clearly on the Smart Touch user interface. The system is controlled intuitively via Smart Touch and Smart Control.

Axano_Treatment_CenterWhere Innovation Meets Fascination

Every innovation starts with an idea. You need the courage to question everything and the drive to never rest on your laurels.

With Axano, you’ll have an elegant dental chair that aligns with your needs. Axano combines smart design with efficient workflows, making for an exceptional, ergonomic treatment experience.

Intelligent functions are seamlessly integrated in Axano with Smart Touch, Smart Delivery Pro, and Smart Control.

Integrated therapy functions support your workflow and provide safety. The sum of these features creates an excellent interplay of innovation and fascination.

Axano_EndoEndodontics Function

The file library, precise torque control, and ApexLocator simplify root canal treatment while maintaining a high level of clinical safety. The file selection and file progress displays also simplify use. And with the root canal complexity parameter, you can optimise the torque and speed of your file to reduce risk to the patient.

Implantology Function

Axano_ImplantologySelect an implant system from the integrated library in the implant function. Parameters such as speed, torque, and amount of cooling liquid are preset, enabling you to perform a safe and efficient implantology process. With the Implant Cockpit on the Sivision monitor of your dental chair, you can also watch the treatment and have reliable documentation of the process.


Performance you can rely on

Intego is the best treatment center of its class. It is based on the innovative power and award-winning design of our existing treatment centers. As a reliable partner for an efficient practice, Intego has all the features that provide optimal support: ergonomic design for better workflows, high quality standards in processing and design, and a great value – this is why Intego is our performance class

INTEGO Treatment Center

More efficiency

Time is one of our most valuable assets. It’s a good thing we have Sinius. The development of efficient solutions allows you to make optimal use of your time. The Sinius treatment center is not only ultra-compact – it also delivers clear gains in terms of time and flexibility. The intuitive operation with the latest touchscreen technology and numerous integrated functions ensure this.


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