In extra clinic areas

  • Entrance and waiting room are the point of access to a wide variety of infectants
  • Timely and frequent treatment limits the spread of pathogens and contains or prevents their transit to clinical areas
  • Most furniture and ambulatory organization are not meant for one easy sanitation, and therefore a treatment with micro nebulization is ideal

In clinic areas

  • Tissues and fluids dispersed in the environment by aerosol or other carriers are potentially highly infectious
  • The dispersion in the environment of these high-risk residues can reach isolated and hidden spot, or more simply on frequently used surfaces, exposing patients and staff to risk of infection
  • Fixed disinfection systems offer good results but have “shadow zones” risking not to treat critical areas in operating environments

At closing and reopening

  • A good procedure especially after COVID-19 emergency, is to perform a deep disinfection at the reopening
  • The same is advisable after any prolonged inactivity of the clinic
  • The cheapest alternative to disinfection services performed by specialized companies, with proven effectiveness and
    autonomous action of disinfection
SafetySpot is a system capable of creating environmental and surface disinfection and if combined with STERILAIR Pro you get a security that no other integrated system is able to give.

At the difference of other devices, SafetySpot pursues the objective to answer to the different issues that dentists and doctors faces with daily.
With this system, using the proper recommended liquid, dentist and doctors are able, between every patient to disinfect the treatment room in less than 20 minutes (treatment and contact included), and reuse the room and equipment quickly and safely.

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