Wasi-Steam range

Range of application:

Thorough and efficient, it is suitable for all cleaning in the lab and in the field. Its high cleaning pressure of up to 6 bar also guarantees a high cleaning temperature. The steam quantity and wet steam saturation are easily regulated using the swivel head. The permanent water connection makes manual filling unnecessary. And it operates without chemical additives and removes limescale electronically, so it protects the environment.

Major features at a glance:

  • Powerful and efficient steam cleaner for all cleaning applications
  • Selector for wet or dry steam
  • User-friendly operation using swivel head to regulate wet steam saturation and steam quantity
  • Steam pressure 5 bar at rest / 6 bar in operation
  • Protects seals by reducing pressure to 5 bar after 10-minute break
  • Water connection, electronic delimer, service interval display and huge stainless steel boiler
  • Clear pressure and temperature displays
  • Simple operation, high safety standards
  • Durable, versatile and ecofriendly
  • Stainless steel housing

Steam JET range

The D-S 100 is largely similar to the D-S 100 A, but has a simpler design.
> The unit has only manual water supply.
> An acoustic signal and a display inform the operator when the water tank is almost empty.
> The signal continues until the tank is refilled.
> Overflowing during refilling is virtually impossible.
> The unit may be refilled during operation, rendering the time-consuming reduction of the boiler pressure unnecessary.
> The slip-resistant handpiece is made from special heat-insulating plastic.
> The housing is made from varnished stainless steel.
> The unit can be used as table or wall unit.
> The steam jet is released with the foot switch.
> A splash deflector is available as accessory.

Inkosteam range:

High-performance high-pressure steam cleaner like Inkosteam (standard). This works at two steam levels: normal steam and wet steam. It not only loosens dirt, but it also drains off easily because its major rinsing effect. That also allows model scalding and dental working. The two-level foot switch lets you adapt the steam the way you want it at any time without all those complicated switching functions. The boiler and heater are made of high-quality stainless steel while the steam jet on the hand piece is interchangeable for aligning the strength of the steam jet to the working area (steam jets 1, 2 + 3 mm also available).

We recommend putting Hedent’s Inkoquell 6 system between the water connection and steam cleaner if you install an Inkosteam II. That guarantees better effects particularly with tap water with a lot of lime while preventing deposits on work. The design and engineering are DGbM-protected.

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