The Planmeca Compact™ i5 dental unit has been built around five central themes – design, wellbeing, cleanliness, intelligence and evolution. All of these principles are carried through in every detail, making Planmeca Compact i5 the dental unit everyone dreams of.

User-centric design

The sleek and distinctive design of the Planmeca Compact i5 dental unit has been created to stand the test of time. Our product development is always guided by what we believe contributes to good design – ergonomics, safety, comfort, and aesthetics. In Planmeca Compact i5, these design values have been honed and perfected to the highest level.

Wellbeing for patients and the dental team

The Planmeca Compact i5 dental unit has been designed to offer the smoothest possible workflow for the dental team and the most enjoyable treatment experience for patients of all sizes and ages. With Planmeca Compact i5, the entire clinic can benefit from stress-free dentistry.

A safe and clean treatment environment

With Planmeca’s dental units, clean water is a given – a core value of our product development. The practical design solutions of Planmeca Compact i5 make infection control especially easy, as all the essential functions are neatly organised, integrated, automated, guided and recorded. A safe environment is guaranteed for both the treatment team and the patients.


Quick and easy operations

Planmeca Compact™ i Classic is the modern classic of our dental unit range – a functional choice that combines the best benefits of our ergonomic and practical design solutions.

Easy to learn, easy to use

Planmeca Compact™ i Classic has been designed for a smooth workflow and superior ease of use. Just like all our dental units, it is equipped with a simple and intuitive touch panel that guides you in your preferred language and lets you adjust all essential unit, instrument and infection control functions. The dental unit and instruments can also be operated directly from the foot control, leaving your hands free for patient treatment.

Ergonomic instrument use

Planmeca Compact i Classic can be equipped with the same comprehensive instrument range as all our dental units. The balanced instrument arms guarantee an ergonomic workflow, since only small movements are needed to use the instruments. The unit can also be equipped with hanging tube instruments. The interchangeable instruments and easy console movements allow the unit to be swiftly tailored to meet personal preferences.

A relaxing treatment experience for the patient

Planmeca Compact i Classic always supports a relaxing treatment experience – even through longer visits. The chair design follows the shape of the patient’s body and provides firm support, while the double-articulated headrest allows comfortable positioning of the patient’s head. Armrests can be fitted for additional support. The Ultra Relax upholstery, made of durable artificial leather and viscoelastic memory foam, guarantees extra comfort.

Durable and practical design

We use aluminium parts and an epoxy paint finish in our dental units for ultimate durability. The seamless, powder-coated surfaces and automatic flushing and cleaning programs meet the strictest infection control requirements. The side-lifting chair and small cuspidor base provide maximised legroom for both the dentist and assistant, with the lean and narrow backrest design further ensuring excellent access to the treatment area.


We believe that great ergonomics, a smooth workflow and ease of use should be a necessity, not a luxury. The small, swift and clever Planmeca Compact™ i3 is a truly flexible unit that allows both right and left-handed dental professionals to work comfortably in any position.

Simplicity without sacrificing efficiency

Planmeca Compact i3 has been designed to simplify everyday dentistry. Equipped with an intuitive touch panel, the dental unit guides you in your preferred language. Thanks to the simplicity of the unit’s design, external infection control procedures are also easy to perform. The unit can be customised to individual preferences and upgraded with the features of your choice, such as an integrated intraoral scanner.

From right to left in 10 seconds

Planmeca Compact i3 can be switched from right to left-hand use in just 10 seconds simply by moving the instrument console − without having to move the operating light. This makes it a practical solution for all clinics where several dentists use the same dental unit and space is limited.

A flexible and space-saving solution

Planmeca Compact i3 fits into any clinic layout and offers plenty of working space around it, allowing you to work comfortably whether sitting or standing. The small instrument console can be positioned above the patient, making it easier to maintain an ergonomic position throughout the day. The unit’s swivel function can be used to make fine adjustments according to your preferences.


A multitude of possibilities in one treatment room

Planmeca Sovereign® is the only dental unit on the market with both a motorised chair swivel and a motorised base. This unique combination provides exceptional new treatment possibilities and ergonomics.  The motorised swivels allow the entire unit to be moved effortlessly for different specialty treatment needs – such as CAD/CAM, implantology, laser treatment, prosthodontics or even anaesthesia – all in the same room.  All the necessary specialty equipment and materials can be organised for
the most seamless and efficient clinical workflow possible.

Unique upright sitting position

The unique upright chair position is ideal for treatments performed with the patient seated, such as prosthodontics and orthodontics, or even tooth extractions. With the patient seated, correct jaw lines enable easy  access to the treatment area. The dentist can maintain an ergonomic posture and has plenty of room around the chair.

Convenient patient entry and exit position

Planmeca Sovereign® features a unique sitting position allowing comfortable patient entry and exit. The chair can also be swiveled to face the patient entering the treatment room.

Optimal patient positioning 

The length of the motorised backrest can be adjusted to optimally position patients of all sizes. Available only on Planmeca Sovereign, this innovative feature guarantees the best possible
comfort for the patient and optimal working ergonomics for the dental team.

Perfectly compact

Planmeca Compact™ i design solutions support an ergonomic and smooth workflow. Extremely simple and intuitive, it makes your everyday work easy, pleasant and efficient – without compromise.

Extremely compact in size, it’s packed with features and functionalities. With more than 40,000 satisfied users around the world, it’s ideal for the varied needs of modern dental professionals.

Practical upright sitting position

The automatic leg rest makes it easy for patients to enter and exit the chair, ensuring a smooth workflow. It also provides excellent patient comfort and is practical for doctor-patient consultations and prosthodontics treatments.

External infection control made easy

Smooth and uniform surfaces
The bowl can easily be detached for cleaning

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