A multitude of possibilities in one treatment room

Planmeca Sovereign® is the only dental unit on the market with both a motorised chair swivel and a motorised base. This unique combination provides exceptional new treatment possibilities and ergonomics.  The motorised swivels allow the entire unit to be moved effortlessly for different specialty treatment needs – such as CAD/CAM, implantology, laser treatment, prosthodontics or even anaesthesia – all in the same room.  All the necessary specialty equipment and materials can be organised for
the most seamless and efficient clinical workflow possible.

Unique upright sitting position

The unique upright chair position is ideal for treatments performed with the patient seated, such as prosthodontics and orthodontics, or even tooth extractions. With the patient seated, correct jaw lines enable easy  access to the treatment area. The dentist can maintain an ergonomic posture and has plenty of room around the chair.

Convenient patient entry and exit position

Planmeca Sovereign® features a unique sitting position allowing comfortable patient entry and exit. The chair can also be swiveled to face the patient entering the treatment room.

Optimal patient positioning 

The length of the motorised backrest can be adjusted to optimally position patients of all sizes. Available only on Planmeca Sovereign, this innovative feature guarantees the best possible
comfort for the patient and optimal working ergonomics for the dental team.

Perfectly compact

Planmeca Compact™ i design solutions support an ergonomic and smooth workflow. Extremely simple and intuitive, it makes your everyday work easy, pleasant and efficient – without compromise.

Extremely compact in size, it’s packed with features and functionalities. With more than 40,000 satisfied users around the world, it’s ideal for the varied needs of modern dental professionals.

Practical upright sitting position

The automatic leg rest makes it easy for patients to enter and exit the chair, ensuring a smooth workflow. It also provides excellent patient comfort and is practical for doctor-patient consultations and prosthodontics treatments.

External infection control made easy

Smooth and uniform surfaces
The bowl can easily be detached for cleaning

Quick and easy operations

Planmeca Compact™ i Classic can be equipped with either balanced instrument arms, or hanging tube instruments. Its basic instrumentation covers all necessary instruments, including an integrated electric micromotor, electric scaler, LED polymerisation light and intraoral camera.

All instrument adjustments can be performed conveniently from the dental unit keyboard. As is the case with other Planmeca dental units, Planmeca Compact i Classic is equipped with a multifunctional foot control for chair, unit and instrument control.


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