Renfert Top-spin

Top spin

Pin drilling unit

The Top spin provides the advantages of precision, reliability and durability. We have been successful in greatly increasing the previous level of quality. You will be fascinated by the unique concentricity, special drill technology and unparalleled dust protection.


  • Unique shaft bearing technology ensures a drilling accuracy of ≤ 0.01mm.
  • Powerful motor without losing performance during drilling 8 000 rpm.
  • Unique drill technology enables extremely easy drilling without resistance.


  • Two unit positions and different gripping options for fixing the dental arch in position enable an individual, ergonomic working posture.
  • The individual, infinitely variable drill-depth setting of 0–20 mm (0–0.79″) also allows drilling for pin systems with resin plates.
  • With adjustment it is also possible to use drills with a longer shank.
  • Compact design with a high degree of stability.

EFFICIENTDRIVESYSTEM Adynamicenginerespondsquicklytoapressing working platform and immediately it reaches highrotations.Thehighdrivepowerandover 16,000rpmenableefficientdrillingineventhe hardestplasterorplastic.

CALIBRATEDLASERBEAM Calibratedlaserbeamaccuratelymarksadrilled hole. Diameter and laser power have been created to ensure that is clearly visible on all plastercoloursandsurfaces.

PERFECTPRECISION – A dual bench system with precise ball bearingsensuresaccuracyandrepeatabilityofdrilling.Benchmovement issmooth and continuous.

VIBRATIONSAMORTISATION – A suspension engine system is based on rubber shock absorberswhich are designed to silence vibrationsand provide precision drilling. Additionallytherearestabilizingsuctionstands- preventing unwanted movements of the device.

AUTOMATICDRILLING – Drillingisstartedautomaticallywhenyoupressthebutton.Adjustabledrillingdepthis set bythecalibratedpotentiometerwithanaccuracyof1mm.

DUST CONTAINER – Aspecialtrayfordustprotectsthe motorandclutchcomponentsfromdustandmakesiteasytoremovethedustfromadevice.

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