Make life easier with Perfecta…

Based on decades of experience, W&H has developed the Perfecta 300 and Perfecta 600 dental laboratory motor control units, available as a table control, knee control or foot control unit.

The Perfecta 600 laboratory handpiece boasts an integrated air-jet function; a world first for your dental laboratory.

Alternatively, the Perfecta 900, with its water-cooled high-speed handpiece for efficient and gentle processing of ceramic materials – particularly zirconium – is also a top choice for your dental laboratory.

Perfecta 300_600_family

The Perfecta 900 is also available as a table control or knee control unit and offers an integrated air-jet function.

What’s more, you can connect the dedicated motor handpiece to expand your Perfecta 900 into an all-in-one laboratory unit instrument for the optimal processing of all materials.

Couple your Perfecta with the 945 Technical Handpiece…

The technical handpiece 945 is ideal for the perfect individual adaptation of dental prostheses, braces and also for light technical work on dental materials.

With the technical handpiece 945 you carry out fast and efficient corrections, fitting and reworking of removable and fixed dentures (before cementing), epitheses, individual impression trays and orthodontic jackscrews directly at the chairside

  • Reliable and maintenance-free
  • Lifespan lengthened via a special seal on the instrument tip
  • Convenient twist chuck – effortless replacement of handpiece milling instrument
  • Ergonomic, easy to grip design
  • Reduced weight and quiet operation –
    enables work without fatigue

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