XiP Wash+Cure

The Wash+Cure is tailored for washing and post-curing the parts printed on the XiP printer. It is an all-in-one, automated post-processing system.
  • Comes with a Wash Bucket with a sealed lid, including a basket designed to accept the XiP build-plate or loose parts
  • Magnetic stirrers provide consistent cleans with either xCLEAN or Isopropanol
  • Capacity: 5.5 L


  • Powerful 405 nm LED tower with rotating base
  • Hood with internal reflectors for additional curing power
  • Validated curing performance from material partners

xWash and XCure for higher throughput laboratories


Nexa3D’s xWash matches the build volumes and process requirements of the ultrafast NXE400 3D printer, and is engineered for Nexa3D’s photoplastic materials, giving manufacturers a powerful, consistent, and sustainable washing solution.


Nexa3D’s xCure 3D printing post-processing solution optimizes the curing of all resin-based parts to ensure consistent dimensional accuracy, robust structural integrity, and stronger molecular structures.

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