The ULTIMATE Series offers a choice of four control units, according to space and user requirements. All functions are controlled by NSK’s microcomputer which maintains smooth starting and stopping ensuring excellence in overall operability.

Key Features
• Speed of 1,000~50,000min-1 (XL/XL-D/XL-K)
• Precise control by microcomputer
• User-friendly design
• Auto Cruise Function
• Audible Function Check
• Easy-to-operate Display Panel
• Digital Speed Display (XL/XL-D/XL-K)
• Maintenance Mode Setting (XL/XL-D/XL-K)
• Error Code Display Function (XL/XL-D/XL-K)
• Available to connect with an air turbine adaptor


The Marathon Eco 1000 Complete Set includes the Eco 1000 Control Box, a BM50M (brushless 50,000rpm handpiece), a variable speed foot pedal and a handpiece cradle.


  • Digital speed display (RPM)
  • Self diagnosis system
  • Error code display function
  • Auto-cruise speed function
  • Maximum rotation speed display set mode
  • Variable speed control by hand and foot pedal
  • Removable handpiece cradle,
  • Maximum speed: 50,000rpm
  • Torque: 7.8Ncm.

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