Medit Link

Medit Link is a truly open platform which offers you an integrated and flexible all-in-one workflow for dental clinics and labs.  Manage all your digital data and 3D scans in one place, communicate seamlessly with partners and patients to ensure high quality  results, and complete your order comfortably and securely within one system. With easy add-ons for additional dental software of  your choice, Medit Link is your link to the world of digital dentistry.



The Medit Link dashboard allows you to view scan  data, order and case status, cloud usage, as well as  available storage space in real time. You can also  check the type of work and order volume of the clinics  you are currently working with. Easily manage the  performance of your lab and communicate effectively  for more efficient operations.

Cloud storage & scan data synchronization

Medit Link comes equipped with cloud storage with  sufficient capacity to store files and information  for cases in a secure manner, without requiring an  additional physical storage space. In addition to  patient information and scan data of cases, working  design files are kept separately in a storage space  specifically for the lab. All data is organized by cases,  making it easy to retrieve and check data.

Case Talk

Case Talk facilitates smoother communication, with  partner clinics, or with other labs. You can view and  adjust scan data on your PC or mobile, capture images,  or share notes. All data is stored securely, with the use  of PIN and QR codes, so you don’t need to worry about  your data being compromised.


Convenient scanning & designing

Medit Link is integrated with Medit Scan for Labs for  convenient scanning. Our software is also integrated  with exocad, allowing you to scan and design in one  easy workflow.

App Box

The App Box allows you to install available extensions  in Medit Link. Choose your own workflows with  partner software or try out our own add-on features.

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