i700 wireless intra oral scanner

Get the power to take your practice to the next level

Medit i700 Wireless in hand

Still the same super fast, light and accurate i700. But wireless.

No More Wires

Free from wires, comfortable scanning at any angle. Scan proximal areas effortlessly without constraints
in movement.

Fast, Accurate. Connected

Scanning speed of up to 70 FPS*. You can experience the amazingly smooth and fast scanning performance of Medit’s best-selling model. Enjoy the fast speed of the i700 wirelessly, flawlessly.

Supercharged Yet Light

Outstanding weight balance even with a battery attached for added comfort.

Powerful Hardware Meets Versatile Software

Optimized for convenience. Not only from hardware aspects, but also software. i700 wireless, packed with the latest of MEDIT technology.

*Frames per second: number of frames of scanning data per second

Small Tip

(Sold separately)

For easy application to the posterior region for patients with small oral cavity

Reversible Tip

No need to twist your wrist for maxillary scans

Remote Control

Conveniently check scan data from the scanner itself and prevent cross-contaminationFor easy application to the posterior region for patients with small oral cavity

60 GHz Wireless Technology

For high-speed wireless connection

Medit i700 wireless

Wider Scan Area

Enlarged scanning window captures large areas at once while maintaining the small size of the scanner head

Auto Calibration

Automatic tool makes calibration a breeze

UV-C LED Disinfection

Lower risk of contamination inside the handpiece

Light & Weight Balanced

For stable, comfortable use


Scan up to 30 cases with 1 battery*


*Performance may vary according to usage conditions

The Best Battery Life Ever

1 hour continuous scanning and 8 hours in stand-by mode.

All day scan with a single battery. No need to worry about recharging.

Intelligent power management switches the device to sleep mode when not in use. Just seconds to wake the device to start scanning.

Can also be used in wired mode, if batteries require charging.

IOS SPecifications

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