BDT Plaster Trap

BDT Plaster Trap

An easy to clean Plaster Trap that allows connection to any extraction system. The segregated (foil) compartments can collect different types of material (dust, sand, plaster) to dispose of seperately. Transparent to view sludge levels. Snap shut closing system. No slippage or unpleasant odours. Easy and fast cleaning. Foil insert is simple and fast.

with sealed, 4-chamber clarification system
> no unpleasant odours
> no spillage
> easy to clean

Transparent container with foil inlay and snap-shut closing system. The transparency of the plaster separator enables visual monitoring of sludge.  The foil inlay ensures easy and rapid cleaning.

The waxup is a crucial part of planning restorative treatment and designing dental prosthetics, which makes it important for laboratories and dentists who complete diagnostic waxups to invest in the right equipment. Electric waxers and waxing reservoirs are among the tools that make it easier to work with wax, leading to improved results.

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