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Deliver superior care with Xios XG sensors

Xios XG provides industry-leading image quality. That kind of superior image quality alone can make substantial improvements to diagnosis and patient acceptance. Backed by expansive system choices, image enhancement capabilities and a leading service and support team, Xios XG could very well change the way you and your patients see your entire practice.

The Xios XG sensors integrate seamlessly with the Dentsply Sirona X-ray units and software to deliver better, safer and faster intraoral diagnostics.


Meet the new intraoral imaging solution from Dentsply Sirona, the Xios AE Sensor with its dedicated USB 3 interface.

The Xios AE is a new generation of intraoral sensors and possesses many technological improvements on previous sensors, which are detailed in the list below. The new Advanced Exposure technology combines market-leading image quality with advances in filtering enhancements and a broadened exposure spectrum. This gives a solid base for clear and safe diagnostics, even at lower X-ray dose ranges.

Sub-optimal exposure settings are successfully counterbalanced and the new USB 3 interface allows for an optimal and accelerated data transfer.

And what’s more the cable can now be replaced, so the overall lifetime cost is significantly reduced.

The Xios AE sensor operates seamlessly alongside the Sidexis 4 software.

Product highlights: Xios AE Sensor

  • Proven leading image quality
  • Advanced Exposure (AE) filtering enhancements for a clear diagnosis
  • High dynamic range and responsive exposure reaction
  • Modular system: 3 sensor sizes and 3 cable length options (standard 270cm)
  • Exchangeable cable
  • 5 Year warranty from installation (within a max of 18 months from manufacture)

Xios AE USB Interface

  • Newly designed light and compact USB interface
  • USB 3 connectivity
  • Safe and accelerated data processing
  • Protected plugs for enhanced longevity in daily practice use
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