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What should your dental surgical space be like?


Here’s an overview of how it works…

Welcome. Reassure.
The patient is welcomed to the operating area without generating stress or tension.
A non-traumatic visual impact, that can help your patients overcome the age-old fear of dental surgery, is both necessary and appropriate.
Clean lines, no “looming” device, maximum order, maximum harmony, hygiene and the highest quality perception.


The first impression is crucial.
First impressions and the first moments of any work represent the most important time for the patient and the dental professional.
From the first moments, the levels are set for tension and the relative quality of the dental procedure to follow.
A clinically welcoming environment provides the patient with a positive experience and the dentist with unprecedented ergonomic operation.

When proceeding with operations, the studio is transformed, everything assumes the correct functional position and ergonomics take over.
At this time, the patient is put at complete ease and the dental staff can work with the highest concentration to achieve the goal.

Let the space adapt itself to you.

The environment, the spaces and each component of the operating room take on a definite purpose consistent with the needs of the dental staff.
In addition, each device is designed to provide a positive experience for the patient, characterised by absolute comfort.

Click on the tabs for more info on each of the suite components…

Kyri surgical dental chairThe perfect combination of an operating table and a dental chair.

Kyri is the perfect nucleus around which the ideal work environment can be built.

Its 5-axis movement and 3D movement orbital headrest offers a level of flexibility which is simply not possible in a standard dental chair.

Cutting-edge technology
• Multi-axis complex joints
• Movement without “undressing effect”
• Integrated suction systems
• Wireless pedal
• Seamless integration with other devices in the room
• Headrest with 3 degrees of free movement
• Stabilisation systems

Maximum comfort
The HPSCS system (Human Pressure Spot Compensation System) in the KYRI treatment unit conforms to the patient, constantly adapting the shapeKyri_Surgical_Dental_Chair of the padding to his/her morphology.
After a complex postural study with related construction of anthropometric models, innovative fluid dynamics were develop which conform to the anatomical structure of the patient.
A comfortable patient is a cooperative patient having had a positive experience.


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Ceiling, wall-mounted or on a mobile stand for maximum space flexibility the Orion 40 surgical light offers double illuminated fields and variable colour temperature.

Orion 40DS

Orion_DS_Surgical_Dental_LampRecommended for operating theatres where the surgeon needs a small lamp to avoid interference with other overhead equipment.
Excellent for oral and maxillofacial surgery and aesthetic plastic surgery.
With 30 elliptical reflectors divided into 6 modules, each containing 5 LEDs, providing 130,000 Lux.

There is an aluminium ring round the dome for easier positioning.
With the E-View system, the surgeon can adjust the extent of the illuminated field to obtain the correct light for each surgical procedure.

O-Glass technology
The light source is protected by O-Glass, a light diffusing screen of clear tempered glass, coated with a special high-strength film to avoid shard fallout into the operating field in the event of shattering.
The glass is non-static, scratchproof and does not yellow with age, unlike conventional polycarbonate screens.

This function allows replacement of lighting generated by traditional dental unit lamps.
This function permits only two modules to light and sets the intensity and colour temperature.
Focus On Mouth Spot (compared to hospital surgical lamps).
The illuminated diameter 15 cm (20 cm with extended view) is perfect for spotlighting the mouth in dental surgery, so preventing the typical glare of hospital lamps with a wider focus.

E-View system
The surgeon can adjust the extent of the illuminated field to obtain the correct light for each surgical procedure.

Destination of use
Primary dental surgery, advanced dental surgery, periodontal surgery and general dental surgery (can be used as dental chair lamp).

Cold light
Thermal radiation increase in the operating field is proportional to the quantity and to the power of LEDs used. Tecno-Gaz, thanks to the indirect light concept, only a few LEDs.

Indirect light, the main feature of Pentaled lamps, guarantees the surgeon a cold, penetrating but comfortable light thanks to the use of a path designed to reflect all LED lighting rays with no dispersion on the operating field.
This allows for:
• Reduction of the number of LEDs used.
• Reduction of operating field temperature.
With the indirect light principle, the surgeon and assistants are never disturbed by light and can operate without eyestrain or glare.

Nature has inspired all human discoveries!
The sun is the main light source and its rays have monochromatic light emission, with uniform colouring. Based on this concept, Tecno-Gaz has designed its lamps with only white LEDs to avoid any alteration of colour temperature on the operating field and undesired shadow effects.

From surgery to implants the Kyri cart offers maximum freedom in instrument layout

Kyri_Cart_NewKyri Cart offers endless possibilities for personalisation; with its 5 slots, the best assortment of instruments and devices can be set out. Wide 7” display touch screen.
The basic layout which can combine with existing surgical devices in the surgery, such as implant micromotors, can be extended to a high performance surgical layout equipped with double micromotor, one of which is an implant micromotor with a peristaltic pump and torque adjustment.
Kyri Cart is made of quality materials suitable for extensive use in the operating environment.

Everything under control

Kyri cart has a separate power supply which ensures total operating autonomy and enables the continuous use of disinfectant solutions or special liquids for instruments.

For rinsing and surgical suction control

 Kyri_Water_UnitGreat utility, small dimensions
The Kyri Water Unit makes the integrated cabinet multifunctional.
It permits rinsing and surgical suction control thanks to the cannula holder equipped with two cannulas.

Approximately 65% of dental surgeons suffer from muscle-skeletal problems; these can be minor or more serious, involving one or more of the following symptoms, such as discomfort, pain, limitations during work and, as a result, loss of working time.
There is a high risk of disability. But is it a high risk, or are muscle-skeletal problems the result of decisions taken by dental surgeons based on their working methods?
Most physical conditions can be avoided or reduced when a healthy posture and dynamic way of working is adopted.
Human beings are made to move around, with a constant alternation between variable load and muscular relaxation.

A static posture maintained during normal working time is undesirable for a dental surgeon.

Kyri DSS

Kyri_DSSKyri DSS is a surgical aspirator whose performance fully meets the demands of dental surgery.
With this aspirator, blood, tissues and bone fragments can be selectively and accurately vacuumed.

    • High depression for accurate vacuum
    • Easy to move for greater integration in the surgical context
    • Disposable collection bags and tubes for optimum asepsis

Bridging_TableConstructed from 18/10 stainless steel, the bridging table is height adjustable, with a broad, solid surface, enabling full access to all surgical instruments and kit required for the procedure, without the need for additional support bases.

Also benefits from an electro-polished finish ensuring lower bacterial adhesion to help maximise infection prevention.

4 wheels (2 with brakes).

Minimum height 870mm
Maximum height 1350mm
Tray size 570x863mm
Weight 15Kg

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