Today’s dental laboratory must be able to meet the fabrication needs and be able to offer a wide range of dental solutions to patients. They must also be able to work with a whole suite of materials and be future proof to be ready for the needs of tomorrow’s patients.

inLab meets those needs with its flexible combination of software and hardware components.


  • Choose between in-house & central production any time


  • Use a wholly Dentsply Sirona workflow or combine with other manufacturers’ solutions


  • Use multiple materials in your processing


  • The flexibility of the system allows for cost-effectiveness and economies to be built into your workflows
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Digital Design with inLab

The new inLab CAD Software is even more closely aligned with the requirements of CAD/CAM systems in the dental laboratory. As a separate CAD component, the software is independent of the scanning and production unit. inLab CAD Software accommodates need-based indications with its optimised design processes and user-friendly interface.

Modular and individual

With design modules for general, implant and removable prostheses as well as an interface module. Intraoral impressions from CEREC can be integrated via Sirona Connect.

Intuitive and familiar

The user-friendly user interface guides you quickly to the design steps you need. The virtual articulator and the jaw-oriented biogeneric setting assist you in creating your individual prosthesis design.

Open and economical

For your choice of scanning and production unit. The standalone CAD components are open to allow flexible STL integration. The unlimited usability of the software modules and the range of indications make inLab one of the most economical CAD/CAM systems on the market.

inEos X5 for digital dentures

The inEos X5 scanning technology enables enhanced user guidance to make even the most complex digitization task user-friendly and intuitive.

Particularly in the case of digital dentures, the scanner is ideally suited for the accurate capture of all relevant information from functional impressions and bite registration.


Production with inLab

inLab MC X5

Freedom of processing for dental technicians

The inLab MC X5 was designed as a universal five-axis production unit to meet dental laboratory requirements for cost-efficient production. Dentsply Sirona offers your laboratory more independence in terms of material and indications as well as the processing of external CAD data.


Wet/dry production unit for ceramic, polymers and metal


High-end block and blank control with 5-axis machining


Simple, fast change of materials and tools

3D printing with Primeprint

Expand Your Practice With 3D Printing

Primeprint Solution is a highly automated, end-to-end, medical grade 3D printing system for dentists and dental technicians who want to expand their treatment or service offerings. This smart hardware and software solution is designed for dental applications and can run the entire printing process, including post-processing. The high level of automation helps reduce handling times, allows for delegation, and enables a high level of productivity. Primeprint Solution enables the user to print biocompatible applications with reproducible and accurate results.

Step One

File Preparation

Primeprint File Prep

Accurately prepare a print file before sending it to the printer in just a click of a button

Step Two

3D Printer Preparation

Primeprint 3D Printer Prep

Insert the material unit and Primeprint Box before starting the 3D printing process

Step Three

Post Processing

Primeprint Box Removal

The automated post-processing can start as soon as the Primeprint Box has been moved from the Printer to the PPU

Step Four


Primeprint Finalisation

You now have a medically safe product after automated and manual post-processing

Sintering: Dental Furnace inLab ProFire

The new inLab Profire sintering furnace for zirconium oxide and non-precious metal restorations integrates proven process technology in a new design.

Its high-quality heating elements have been long-term tried and tested and a homogeneous temperature distribution in the furnace chamber guarantees precise temperature control throughout the entire sintering process – for reproducible high-quality results.



Sintering zirconium oxide and non-precious metal (inCoris CCB) in one furnace


Speed sintering


Color touch display for all furnace functionalities

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