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Multimat NTXpress / Multimat NTX

Perfect reliability for brilliant firing results

+ “Made in Germany” quality, approved according to international and ETL standards.
+ Furnaces are subjected to 36 hours  of continuous stress testing before delivery.
+ Continuous thermo couple monitoring.
+ Power adapter monitors for voltage peaks and short-term power loss.

+ The NTX PC program can be used to conveniently create and administer firing and pressing programs for subsequent transfer to one or multiple furnaces via USB sticks
+ Two-year warranty

Renfert Magma

Preheating furnace

Magma is a preheating furnace with all the technical features, which fulfill all the requirements in terms of programming, handling and ergonomics.


  • Four-sided heating ensures uniform heating in the entire furnace chamber.
  • Quick heat rate: to 900°C (1654°F) in only 60 min.
  • 99 Program storage spaces + 1 Program for speed investments.

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