DentalPRO 400

DentalPRO 400 - FrontMulti user dust extraction system for hand finishing dental applications.

BOFA’s DentalPRO 400 under bench dust extraction system effectively removes smaller particulates generated during the hand finishing of dental implants.

The DentalPRO 400 is ideally suited to manual bench top applications, where technicians need to be able to work without restriction, but in the knowledge that dust particles are being effectively removed to maintain a safe working environment.

The high vacuum blower used in the DentalPRO 400 is brushless and designed for longer continuous running before requiring servicing. The bag filter has a large 6.4 litre capacity and the HEPA filter is very high efficiency. This multi user system combines maximum operator protection in a small footprint, it is an easy to operate unit with low running costs.

Download the BOFA DentalPRO 400 Data Sheet

A dust-suction drawer of optimal quality and design, featuring innumerable advantages and improvements in almost all fields of operation, efficiency, user-friendliness, etc.

Operation is fully automatic: on starting the micromotor, the drawer starts operating, on stopping the micromotor, suction switches off after 20 seconds have elapsed.
Ergonomic design and construction with first quality materials.

The working surface is made of beech-wood, giving it a modern look, and allowing for comfortable working.
Silen, powerful, maintenance-free low pressure induction motor.

Large-dimensioned, easy-to-change, filter bag (according to international Standards).
Small-dimensioned drawer, capable of fitting most lab workbenches, with ample leg-room.
Low operational costs. Easy to install, requires no special tools or training.

Download the Dustmatic Spec Sheet

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