Orthophos 2D family

Quality for today, options for tomorrow

Orthophos XG 3D ready makes the ideal partner for general dentists and group practices that wish to actively plan and shape their futures. With a range of programs, this unit offers you all the diagnostic options.

The intuitive EasyPad control panel and automatic patient positioning with the occlusal bite block ensure an efficient workflow. And last but not least, you can add a cephalometric arm and/or a 3D sensor at any time.

So if you want to expand the treatment options offered by your practice e.g. implantology, at any time in the future, you don’t have to worry about it today. The Orthophos XG 3D ready units are supplied with the Dentsply Sirona Imaging software, Sidexis 4, for better, safer and faster diagnostics.

The Revolution in 2D Imaging

The Orthophos SL is the latest member of the successful 2D X-ray family from Dentsply Sirona. It scores on functionality, quality and design. With its DCS sensor and SL technology, the Orthophos SL 2D unit satisfies even the greatest demands of dental practictioners regarding panoramic imaging.

In combination with the pioneering Sidexis 4 software for image processing, the Orthophos SL also offers a unique variety of innovative solutions for the practice workflow. Investment security is ensured: Orthophos SL 2D can be equipped at any time with a cephalometric arm or upgraded with a 3D sensor up to a volume of 11 cm x 10 cm.

Patients appreciate the soothing Ambient Light, which offers a choice of over 30 colors for a pleasant atmosphere in your X-ray room that perfectly matches the style of your practice.

Orthophos SThe all-round 2D X-ray device with a comprehensive range of services for every practice. The Orthophos S is a reliable partner and is optimized for everyday tasks: Its CsI Plus sensor with autofocus function ensures clear images, even in anatomically difficult cases. The patented occlusal bite block automatically adjusts the patient’s head tilt to the correct position. For use in orthodontics, the Orthophos S is also available with an optional ceph arm. And because future-proofing is important to Dentsply Sirona, the system is 3D ready and the cephalometric arm can be retrofitted at any time.

Orthophos EThe sound 2D x-ray unit providing a smooth entrance into the world of digital imaging. Thanks to CsI sensor technology and its easy-to-use interface, you are ensured reliable diagnostics every time. The cephalometric option also makes the Orthophos E a reliable partner for orthodontics. Enrich your practice with a wide range of services that are only possible with digital imaging.

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