ClearX Aligners

Advantages of ClearX aligners over traditional aligner systems

The new dimension for teeth straightening

ClearX aligners are a series of clear aligners manufactured using 4D technology. Based upon simple first principles of physics and mechanics, ClearX provides advantages on several multitudes whether for the practitioner, patient as well as our planet.

The goal is to decrease plastic usage in the orthodontic field while leveraging the smartness of teeth straightening to extents that were not possible before. Together with K-Line, we are proud of all the work poured into this technology over recent years to bring a paradigm shift that is inevitable for the whole market to adopt in the coming years.



Teeth movement acceleration is higher


on aligner insertion


Less aligner and 3D model count


Each aligner acts as a retainer in the first week of wearing


Return booster & aligners at the end of treatment to reduce plastic waste

Aligning Smiles - Reducing Plastic

The eco-friendly clear aligner alternative.


  • 50% less plastic waste
  • carbon neutral product*


ClearX Results

4.5 month treatment

The 4D technology used in the making of ClearX has superior results in comparison to the classical aligner treatments. Thanks to the recurrent aligner patented method, the teeth movement lag, often seen in classical methods, is overcome and continuously being adjusted on monthly basis.

While the treatment accuracy is mandatory, speed is also crucial.

ClearX provides 35% shorter treatment durations in comparison to other classical systems in the market, with ClearX up to 1mm/month tooth movements could be expected.


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