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Step One - Scan & Step Two - Design


The Primescan intraoral scanner is now more accurate, faster and easier to use than ever before, whatever the treatment, from single tooth to full arch.

Primescan is the perfect starting point for digital dentistry, whatever your workflow and is equally at home with both chairside and preferred partner options.

  • Comfortable digital impressions without risk of contaminated impression trays
  • Comprehensive hygiene concept with a choice of sleeves
  • Only intraoral scanner to provide a variety of cleaning and disinfection options, exceeding minimum recommended guidelines.
  • Fully closed scanning window to prevent liquid infiltration during the scanning process

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Scanning made easy

Powder-free scanning, unrivalled handling and precise 3D (full-jaw) scans in natural colour! With its sleek design and light weight, the CEREC Omnicam intraoral scanner naturally fits in your hand, making the scan as easy, intuitive and ergonomic as ever before. In addition, the CEREC Omnicam allows you to determine the colour of the scanned teeth in the CEREC software based on your scan, and also allows you to expand your treatment spectrum to aligner treatment. This makes the CEREC Omnicam intraoral scanner a unique multitalent and offers you everything you need for your safe step into Chairside CAD/CAM.

Benefits of CEREC Omnicam

  • Powder-free scanning in color
  • Unrivalled handling
  • Fast and precise full-arch scans
  • Easy shade analysis

Powder-free intraoral scanning

The CEREC Omnicam allows you to take a coating-free intraoral scan of the natural tooth substance and gingiva. This saves you an extra work step, reduces the learning curve and makes impression-taking more pleasant and time-saving than ever before.

Ergonomic and efficient intraoral scanning

CEREC Omnicam sits perfectly into the user’s hand. Thanks to the slimline design and the compact camera tip, scanning the posterior teeth presents no problems. Regardless of whether the patient is sitting upright or reclining, you can scan the upper and lower jaws ergonomically without having to adjust your natural working posture.

Digital impressions as a continuous video process

Taking a digital impression with the CEREC Omnicam is a continuous video process. Simply take the camera out of the holder and guide the CEREC Omnicam closely along the teeth. Time-consuming preparations for a precise intraoral impression are not necessary.

CEREC Software

Fast and easy designs with the CEREC Software: Thanks to its clear and visually appealing operation, the CEREC Software guarantees intuitive use from the very beginning. Its intelligent automation enables a fast, effortless process. A particular highlight of the CEREC Software is its analysis of the whole scan when calculating the initial proposal, which guarantees highly-esthetical, individual restoration proposals. With the CEREC Software you can be sure to offer your patients the highest quality and aesthetics at all time.

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Step Three - Production & Step Four - Sinter & Glaze


The CEREC milling and grinding units and the CEREC software are optimally synchronised with one another. Grinding and milling the restoration design is extremely precise, giving the restorations smooth surfaces.

Even very fine fissures are very precisely prepared and the edges are very even. Our new milling and grinding units can also dry mill, making solid zirconia restorations in a single visit possible!

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Whether inlays, onlays, crowns or veneers – you can create full-contour individual tooth restorations with block sizes of up to 20 mm. You will be able to work with the majority of chairside materials. With CEREC MC; achieve 100 % precise results at an appealing price.

Advantages of CEREC MC

  • Fully anatomical, individual tooth restoration with a block size of up to 20 mm
  • Perfect for CAD/CAM beginners

In addition to inlays, onlays, crowns, and veneers, with CEREC MC X you can also mill and grind bridges, abutments, and surgical guides. You also have the option of practice laboratory indications at any time. The CEREC MC X grinds precisely and quickly.

Advantages of CEREC MC X

  • Entire range of chairside treatment with up to 40 mm block size, incl. bridges and abutments
  • Implant surgery with the cost-effective CEREC Guide 2 or CEREC Guide 3, the fastest milled surgical guides on the market

Full contour zirconia crown restorations in one session

CEREC SpeedFire is the smallest and fastest sintering furnace on the market and can typically sinter a crown in 10 to 15 minutes. The advantages of full-contour zirconia can thus also be used for single visit chairside treatment.


LED Status Indication

Different colours indicate current status of process


Induction Technology

Superfast heating cycles



Intuitive operation


Intelligent Connectivity

The CEREC software sends an order with all necessary information to the furnace


SuperSpeed Chamber

Carries up to 3 single crowns or one 3-unit bridge (max. length of 31 mm sintered)

“CEREC SpeedFire combines the sintering and glazing processes in one device.”

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