Planmeca Emerald™

The brand new intraoral scanner Planmeca Emerald™ is a small, lightweight, and exceedingly fast scanner with superior accuracy.

Taking digital impressions has never been as easy. It is the perfect tool for smooth and efficient chairside workflow

Superior accuracy with outstanding speed

Scanning is extremely fast and easy making the experience comfortable for the patient and doctor alike.

The accuracy of the impressions meets the most demanding imaging needs with a fully integrated colour scanning option.

Small and lightweight design

The lightweight structure and user-friendly form of the scanner ensure optimal ergonomics. With the active antifog feature of the scanner’s tip mirror, visibility is always clear. The compact size and seamless design of the scanner guarantee a great patient experience.

Exceptional ease-of-use

The Planmeca Emerald makes workdays smooth and efficient with fast and accurate digital impressions. Easy and simple plug-and-play solution. The scanner is compatible with Planmeca Romexis® and Planmeca PlanCAD® Easy software suites.

Impeccable infection control

Impeccable infection control is guaranteed with the autoclavable tip and seamless design of the scanner. The dental unit integration enables handsfree operation with the foot control.

Planmeca PlanCAD®

Easy and efficient design tool for prosthetic works

Our open CAD software suite designed especially for dentists is the perfect tool for sophisticated 3D design and planning at the dental clinic. The software is easy and fast to use and is ideal for designing prosthetic works from a single crown to bridges.

  • Easy design of inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns and bridges
  • Fully automated design from an anatomic tooth library
  • Automatic adaptation to contact strength specified by user
  • Cusps, marginal ridge and other anatomical shapes are taken to the design from the adjacent teeth
  • Minimum material thickness is applied to the design for long-lasting results
  • Design up to 16 teeth in the same session
  • Superimposed camera view for easy marking of margins
  • User-friendly tools to modify the shape and look of the design
  • Automatic saving for flexible usage
  • Only five steps from work description to milling
  • Part of Planmeca Romexis® software

Planmeca PlanMill® 40 S

Our Planmeca PlanMill® milling units are the leading choice for fast and accurate milling directly at a dental clinic. With their enhanced performance and numerous smart features, the units offer the most advanced milling experience on the market.

  • Linear motors for the highest precision
  • Fast milling speed – two spindles, 80,000 RPM, and 8–10 minutes per restoration
  • Automated tool changer for 10 tools
  • On-board computer for an independent workflow and optimal control
  • Expanded range of applications – abutments, crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, and up to 6-unit bridges
  • Smart tool paths – optimised to suit material characteristics
  • Guided maintenance – from daily cleanings and water changes to annual preventive maintenance notifications
  • The pioneering Planmeca Romexis® Clinic Management software module for ultimate efficiency: real-time monitoring of task status, milling statistics, diagnostic log view, and quick guides

PlanMill 40

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