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If you’re after a wide choice of traditional-style dental cabinets featuring all the modern conveniences and functionality with no compromises, then look no further than the blu range. A distinctive selection of bespoke wall and base units that utilise proven logic in design and ergonomics along with the latest developments, such as the intelligent ‘soft-close’ feature, fitted as standard on all doors and drawers. blu cabinets are custom-made and hand-finished to your exact requirements to optimise your workspace whilst reflecting your identity with style.

To aid sterilization and infection control, the blu range extends to offer bespoke sterilization room solutions that help you to achieve compliance and intuitive decontamination flow in your sterilization areas in line with the current regulations and cleaning protocols.  We employ further advances in materials by using a plastic carcass solution which renders all cabinets waterproof, thus improving the longevity and resilience of these cabinets.

Choosing a worktop is a big decision.

The chances are you’re going to be spending a lot of time living with whichever top you choose so making the right choice is essential.

Here at Blueprint Dental we know this better than most and that’s why we offer a diverse range of worktop options to suit any taste or budget.

From entry level laminate options to high end Hi-Macs and Corian solid surface tops with fully integrated sinks, we have a worktop for any environment.

Whether it’s a reception, dental surgery, office or locker room, our bespoke worktop design and installation service is guaranteed to have the solution for you.

Working in high humidity or in areas where liquids are regularly utilised you want be sure your cabinetry is going to stand the test of time. So here at Blueprint Dental we’ve introduced aqualine – the waterproof cabinetry solution.

Made entirely using a cutting edge process, aqualine integrates a PVC foam centre with an smooth integrated exterior. It boasts, among it’s many commercially applicable qualities:

  • Complete moisture resistance
  • High levels of chemical resistance
  • Thermal and sound insulation
  • Completely recyclable

Available in a variety of thicknesses, aqualine is a truly versatile cabinetry solution when strength, moisture resistance and durability are a priority.

It’s potential applications are endless, but particularly usefull in environments such as:

  • Washrooms
  • Decontamination rooms
  • Wet rooms
  • Dental, medical and veterinary surgeries
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