Dental offices and clinics have high requirements for infection control. They need reliable and safe instrument decontamination to ensure the best-possible level of protection for patients and clinic team alike, whilst ensuring efficient workflows, rapid instrument availability and saving resources.

Introducing CareClave

A revolution in instrument processing

Melag_CareClave_With_Carebox_and_operatorThe standard compliant and gentle reprocessing of dental handpieces often poses a challenge in terms of time and money. But that will now come to an end: Nine years of intensive research and development have brought together what belongs together. Careclave combines the entire reprocessing workflow in only one device in order to provide the highest level of safety and efficiency.



1. Cleaning & disinfection
Careclave guarantees the best cleaning and disinfection outcomes for the reprocessing of up to 8 transmission instruments, prophylaxis handpieces or ultrasonic scaler tips in only 16 minutes.

2. LubricationMelag_CareOil
Careclave takes care of your handpieces and turbines at lightning speed. And that is not all: The unique ADDcare station even performs the lubrication of the chuck system directly at Careclave after the end of a program.

3. Sterilization (Class B)
With the patented DRYtelligence and double jacket technology, Careclave provides everything you expect from a modern Class B autoclave – and even more: Sterilize up to 11 kg loads on up to 8 trays or in 4 MELAstore Boxes in record time. The revolutionary chamber concept also enables the reprocessing and care of instruments in the Carebox as well as the simultaneous sterilization of additional instruments on short trays in just one cycle.

Melag_CareCLave with 4in1 flash4. Documentation & approval
Perform the documentation process directly on the large Smart-Touch Display without any extra software solution. ProControl ensures digital proof of a successful reprocessing procedure quickly, safely and paper-free. For complete traceability, the log files are saved on the MELAG USB stick or in your network.


Vacuklav 41 B+ Evolution

Quick, easy-to-use and stand-alone – now with DRYtelligence

This high-performance practice steam sterilizer brings the same record operating times as the almost identical Vacuklav 40 B+ Evolution. Its innovative double chamber technology means the sterilization and drying of unwrapped instruments in only 10 minutes; wrapped instruments in a Class-B program require no more than 20 minutes. Both times include fractionated pre-vacuum and drying. The intelligent drying system DRYtelligence uses especially-developed algorithms to adapt the drying to the load in order to shorten the operating times even further and save resources. The Vacuklav 41 B+ Evolution is fitted with a patented air-cooling system, making it into a true stand-alone steam sterilizer as it requires no connections other than to the electricity supply.

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The high-performance Class B steam sterilizers from MELAG

The reliability, fast sterilization cycle times and large volumes provided by the Pro-Class autoclaves produce entirely convincing results: The tried-and-tested quality has established the Pro-Class series as the most-sold Class B autoclave of their class.

The Pro-Class Autoclaves for practice and clinic

Class B Pro-Class autoclaves are available in a wide range of models. The variety of the chamber sizes – choose from 17 litres, 23 litres and even 29 litres – ensures efficient and safe steam sterilization.

With a 60 cm chamber depth, Vacuklav 24 BL+ permits the sterilization of especially long instruments.

Available as both a fixed water and stand-alone solution, Pro-Class autoclaves can be deployed in a range of installation situations: The integrated water tank of the stand-alone devices means that they can be installed anywhere in the decontamination room irrespective of the location of the water connection.

The stand-alone and the fixed water autoclaves can also be connected to the water supply (water connection set and a MELAdem water treatment unit required) to enable automatic operation.


Euroklav 29 VS+

Fast, compact and “Class S”

MELAG offers practices an economical alternative to the Vacuklav-series with its Euroklav 29 VS+, which, due to the instruments and the type of wrapping used, require no “Class B” steam sterilizer. The Euroklav 29 VS+ features four “Class S” programs for sterilization of wrapped, simple hollow instruments (e.g. scissors, needle holders, clamps etc.) and textiles, even if these are packed. Equipped with a powerful and efficient vacuum pump, a simple pre-vacuum occurs before sterilization in order to remove air safely from the wrapping and from the interior of the instruments.


Something BIG is here: The large small autoclave.

Vacuclave 550Turn 2 into 1 – Compared to two alternative small autoclaves, Vacuclave 550 ensures significantly more capacity with a 40 % smaller footprint. Sterilize the maximum number of instruments in the minimum amount of space in record time.

Thanks to the extra-large chamber and pioneering innovations, you’ll be ready for all tasks with Vacuclave 550: Discover the advantages of our new 50 liter autoclave for energy-efficient, time- and cost-saving sterilization of your instruments:

  • Outstanding capacity: More space for a load of up to 25 kg on 16 trays or up to 10 MELAstore Boxes
  • Impressive speed: Patented Double Jacket Technology for record operating times
  • Intelligent drying: Shortening the drying time with DRYtelligence by up to 80 %
  • Uncompromising comfort: Extra-large Smart-Touch Display for intuitive operation as simple as your smartphone
  • Traceable documentation: Documentation and approval directly on the device with ProControl
  • Pioneering technologies: Recovery, Coolify, Power Save and DRYtelligence make Vacuclave 550 the cleanest solution – for your budget and the environment!

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