Ultra-Fast and Accurate Printing. One of the world’s first monochrome LCD printers designed specifically for dentistry. With an innovative VAT Lift peeling
technology, LC Dental offers ultra-fast print speeds.

20 Flat Arches – 50 minutes at 50um / 30 minutes at 100um
34 Vertical Arches – 2 hours, 40 minutes at 50um / 1 hour, 35 minutes at  100um.

Improve Workfow. Scale up Production. Reduce Lead Times.


Enabling Custom Mass Manufacture and Large Component Printing

The new cost-effective and disruptive LCD printing innovation.

Dental technicians, product designers, engineers and manufacturers can benefit from LC Magna’s large build volume capabilities. Maximise build plate capacity allowing you to speed up assembly production, increase output and reduce lead times.


Photocentric WASH

Fast cleaning, precise results.

Take your printed parts from your LC printer straight to Photocentric Wash. No
matter the size, no matter the complexity of geometry, your printed parts are
washed precisely in just 10-20 minutes.

Photocentric Cure Medium/Large

The Photocentric Cure L is an industrial grade curing station specifically developed to provide an accurate and reliable post-curing solution for both large scale parts and platforms. With a heated chamber up to 65°C and a time regulated control you can post-cure large scale parts or the large-scale platform of the LC Magna with ease.

The Photocentric Cure M is a novel and userfriendly curing station specifically designed to provide a reliable and professional post-curing solution. With a heated chamber up to 65°C, microprocessor-controlled touch-screen interface and intuitive software that allows you to control every aspect of the drying process, Cure M is exceptionally easy to use.

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