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Meet XiP – The Top 6 Reasons To Choose This Ultrafast Desktop Resin 3D Dental Printer

By March 21, 2023September 15th, 2023Blog

The Nexa3D XiP 3D Dental Printer is now available from Blueprint Dental and offers several advantages over traditional dental manufacturing methods.

With XiP, you really can have it all – speed, productivity, quality, ease-of-use, and affordability.

Here are just half a dozen reasons to consider XiP for your dental lab or practice:

  1. Speed:

XiP uses a patented LSPc technology that allows it to print at rapid speeds, enabling dentists and dental technicians to produce dental models, aligners and surgical guides in a fraction of the time required by traditional manufacturing methods.

  1. Accuracy & Precision:

The Nexa3D XiP 3D Dental Printer offers exceptional accuracy, with layer thicknesses as small as 0.1mm. This ensures that dental restorations fit precisely and require minimal adjustments.


3. Quality:

XiP uses a wide range of high-quality resins to produce durable dental restorations that are resistant to wear and tear. The materials used are biocompatible, ensuring that restorations are safe for patients.

  1. Cost-effective: 

Desktop 3D printing eliminates the need for expensive larger equipment for most small to medium sized labs and dental practices. The ability to use only the required amount of resin also reduces material waste. This makes the Nexa3D XiP 3D Dental Printer a cost-effective solution for dental labs and practices.

  1. Versatile:

The printer can be used to produce a wide range of dental restorations, including dental models, aligners, surgical guides, and prosthetics. This versatility allows dentists and labs to expand their services and offer more options to patients.

6. Automation:

The printer’s software allows for easy automation of the printing process, freeing up staff time and increasing productivity.

Overall, the Nexa3D XiP 3D Dental Printer offers significant advantages over traditional dental manufacturing methods, allowing dental labs and practices to produce high-quality dental restorations quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

Have a question about XiP 3D dental printing or want to find out more?

Please contact Alan Wright, Business Development Manager, Dental Labs on 07904 413211 or email

image of Alan Wright