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Integrated Surgical Studio Design

By August 16, 2022Blog

Dental surgery is evolving at a rapid pace.

Advancements in dental technologies are enabling more and more complex procedures, whether wholly clinical or purely aesthetic, to be done in less time and increasingly in primary care dental environments.

Patients have a plethora of information readily available to them and are often bombarded with images of ‘the perfect smile’. As a result, they are more informed and more demanding.

So whilst this presents a great opportunity to those performing specialist dental procedures, it places added pressure and responsibility on achieving maximum performance from their equipment and operating environment – probably with a finite budget available and definitely with a finite amount of space in which operations must be managed and patients communicated with.

In short, space is at an ever-increasing premium.

So, what if there was a new way of conceiving space, a new way of managing operations and a new way of communicating with the patient?

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

And, luckily, thanks to the awesome super brains of our friends at Italian manufacturer, Tecno-Gaz, it’s just become a reality.

They call it Integrated Surgical Studio Design and we’re going to take a closer look at it in this blog post.

As with any clinical environment, it needs to tick many boxes, so, what should your space be like?

First impressions count 

Let’s start at the beginning. We all know how first impressions count – no dental puns intended! How the space looks as the patient comes through the door is hugely important. But, even more than that, it needs to be welcoming. By its very nature, a surgical environment is a place which often creates a certain tension and the patient is likely to be a little apprehensive. An anxious patient is undoubtedly more difficult to treat, so the space must instantly convey positivity and cleanliness and be visually appealing, but at the right time it needs to be able to transform into a safe surgical environment.

Kyri 2


You are a clinical professional and your space must enable you to work in the best way possible to maximise your patient outcomes. You must have all the tools and equipment at your fingertips to use at precisely the right time of the procedure.


Your space must be able to adapt to you. Your needs, the needs of your patients and the types of procedure you carry out may change over time, so you need your space to be able to adapt and grow and change according to your requirements and opportunities.

Integrated, Yet Modular

Organising your space in a modular fashion has some great advantages in terms of meeting both your personal and clinical needs and enhancing patient perception. Simply use the modules you require and keep everything else out of sight. So, no clutter or unneeded kit on display to worry patients or pose any unwanted contamination risks.

One of the beauties of integrated surgery design is that the entire space is designed to be integrated and organised according to functional criteria, which creates a more productive space. Each device is designed to provide a positive experience for the patient, characterised by total comfort whilst in your care. So, less time wasted, increased efficiency and the ability to maximise your focus on the critical aspects of patient care and your work.


Therefore, the studio is transformed when operating. Everything assumes its correct functional position and ergonomics take over. The patient is put completely at ease and you and your dental staff can work with the highest concentration to achieve the best finish and patient outcome.

So, we’ve explored the concept of integrated surgical studio design and seen some of its advantages for you and your patients. Now let’s take a look at a few of the key equipment components, so you can see how the whole picture comes together.

We’ll start with the awesome Kyri Chair which is the nucleus around which the ideal work environment for dental and surgical treatments can be built. The perfect combination of an operating table and a dental chair, with 5 axis movement and a level of flexibility which is simply impossible in a standard dental chair.

Seamless integration with other devices in the room, coupled with an infinite number of dental, Trendelemburg, Fowler, Orthopneic and semi-seated positions offer the highest comfort for the patient and best ergonomics for the dental staff.



Supporting the Kyri chair unit are a number of Kyri peripheral devices:


The Kyri cart – offers freedom of instrument layout from surgery to implants. With its 5 slots, you choose the best combination of instruments and devices for your procedures. Simple!

The Kyri Water Unit for rinsing and surgical suction control is a great little utility, equipped with a cannula holder with two cannulae.

And last, but certainly not least, in the Kyri range comes the Kyri DSS Surgical Aspirator. Blood, tissue and bone fragments can be selectively and accurately removed. It’s really easy to move around making it superbly integrated during a surgical procedure and has disposable collection bags and tubes for optimum asepsis.

Any surgical professional will know the importance and value of a great operating light. The Orion 40 DS can be ceiling, wall or column mounted and is ideal for operating theatres where the surgeon needs a small lamp for oral and maxilliofacial surgery.



We’ve focussed a lot on keeping your patients comfortable, but your comfort is also of the utmost importance. Professional work chairs coupled with high quality, height adjustable stainless steel bridging tables help you choose a healthy position and dynamic way of working, ensuring you have all the materials you need at hand when you need them.

At Blueprint Dental, we love this new concept and way of approaching dental and maxillofacial procedures in environments where space is limited.

Please get in touch for more information on how integrated surgical studio design could help you carry you and your patients forwards too!


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