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Hello from Blueprint!

Thank you for your interest in our 3D Dental Printer Buyer's Guide

Digital Dentistry


At Blueprint we’ll help you seamlessly develop your business with all the digital workflows and solutions you need to keep you at the cutting edge of 21st century digital dentistry.

From smile design to image acquisition to 3D printers and milling units, we have a huge depth of experience and expertise to guide you through your digital transformation, whether you’re a dental laboratory or dental surgery.

Our prime focus will always be to provide you and your patients with the best solutions and workflows, whatever your speciality and budget.

The results are clear…

Thanks to the brilliant Chaz Sidhu and Sharaz Mir from Blueprint Dental for their awesome support and amazing service. Our patients are at the forefront of our modernisation efforts as we constantly thrive to increase efficiency and improve our quality.
If anyone is contemplating a digital setup, Blueprint Dental is your first port of call.

Mr Sam MohamedOwner & Founder, Wolds Dental Studio

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More Digital Dentistry Solutions

Discover ClearX – the only 4D clear aligner currently on the market right now, revolutionising sustainability in the field of teeth straightening

A new way of conceiving space, a new way of managing operations and a new way of communicating with the patient.

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