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Traditional surgical and laboratory-based dental skills are fast becoming complemented by the rapid development of  techniques and technologies in digital dentistry.

At Blueprint we are ideally positioned at the forefront of these new developments to help you seamlessly transition into the 21st century world of Digital Dentistry.

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Single Crown Restoration

Complete patient satisfaction

Planmeca FIT® is a completely streamlined approach to high-quality dental care. Instead of two visits, it allows patients to be treated in one hour – with no temporary crowns or physical dental models required. Ensure full patient satisfaction and efficiency at all phases with Planmeca FIT one-hour dentistry!

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Surgical Guides

All-in-one Planmeca Romexis software allows users to do 3D implant planning and create their own surgical implant guides without any extra fees. Any open STL files can be matched to the CBCT and prosthetic-driven implant planning performed with CAD/CAM designed restoration or crown library. Implant planning can be finalized by designing an STL file for the surgical guide which can then be 3D printed with any suitable printer.

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Maxillofacial Dentistry

The Planmeca ProModel service provides patient-specific implants and physical models for maxillofacial surgery – all individually designed for the best possible results. The implants are designed and manufactured to match any form, ensuring an exact fit to the patient’s anatomy.

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Dental model analyses such as occlusion inspection, cross sectional measurements, arch length and free measurements can be performed in Planmeca Romexis® 3D Ortho Studio.

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Digital Smile Design

Planmeca introduces Planmeca Romexis® Smile Design. The software allows dentists to design patients the smile of their dreams in a matter of minutes. The software does not require any additional equipment or software to function – the design is easily done using 2D smile photos and intelligent tooth silhouettes.

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Jaw Motion Tracking

Planmeca 4D™ Jaw Motion is the only true CBCT integrated solution for tracking, recording, visualising and analysing jaw movement in 3D. It offers incomparable visualisation and measurement data of mandibular 3D movements in real-time – creating a fourth dimension in diagnostics.

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Airways Analysis

Airway segmentation tool provides an efficient way for analyzing airways. The tool allows viewing the exact cross-sectional area of the airway at any point along its curvature.

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