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Christmas Opening Hours 2023

Christmas Opening Hours 2023

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Christmas Opening Hours 2023

Here are our opening hours over the forthcoming festive season.

We continue to serve the dental community even over the holiday period, but with reduced hours to allow our team some well-earned downtime with family and friends, ready to return to work rejuvenated and ready for 2024!

If you need us during this period, please call us on 0800 228 9828 between the hours shown or email us at

We’d like to thank all our customers and friends for your support in 2023 and send Season’s Greetings to all.

Practice By Design Event a Resounding Success

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A windy day in Weybridge saw us welcome a group of aspiring dentists and industry leaders to our recent Practice By Design day.

Participants were treated to a compelling introduction from Blueprint Dental’s Co-founder Sharaz Mir showing the vital steps and experience needed to embarck on a successful squat practice project.


Coupled with sessions from a plethora of industry experts covering areas as diverse as accountancy and finance to CQC compliance and best practices in decontamination, the day equipped delegates with tools and tips needed to start their own journey to owning and running their own dental squat practice.

PracticeBy Design-Sharaz

Keep up the amazing courses!

Course ParticipantPractice By Design - November 2023

“We were privileged to have so much talent from the UK dental industry under one roof for this event,” said Sharaz Mir, Blueprint’s Co-founder. “The day went really well and we have received some cracking feedback, so watch this space for more CPD-accredited courses for dentists.

“Special thanks to all our speakers and the team at Dentsply Sirona in Weybridge for hosting us.”



As well as benefitting from the open classroom-style sessions with experts in their own field, the day offered an excellent opportunity for dentists to see and experience a wide range of dental equipment used in new squat practices.

The Blueprint Dental team were on hand throughout to demonstrate and discuss every equipment need from dental chairs and Treatment Centres, to Intra Oral Scanners and CBCT systems for cutting edge imaging and diagnosis used in today’s digital dentistry workflows.

And there’s more…

We’re planning on running similar courses in Spring 2024. If you’re interested in finding out more, please complete the form below.

If you have a query or would like to find out more about our events, please complete the form below and we'll be right back in touch. Or call us on 0800 228 9828...

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Phil Reddington with Nexa3d XiP

Nexa 3D XiP Printer – Customer Testimonial – Beever Dental Technology

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Phil Reddington, MD of Beever Dental Technology tells us about his recent experience with Blueprint Dental and the Nexa3D XiP printer…

At Beever Dental we constantly strive to keep ahead of the surge in digital technology, in order to maintain our clients’ and patients’ needs for the perfect smile. Something which we always strive to provide at Beever Dental.

Beever Dental lab
Nexa3D XiP Printer at Beever Dental

“Having known Mark Welch from Nexa3D and Alan Wright from Blueprint Dental for a while and done business with them both, it made sense to speak to them when the new Nexa3D XiP printer came to my attention.

“As a result, we have now added this unit to my digital team’s tools to help us maintain the standards required and expected of our lab. 

“And I must say it doesn’t let you down.”

XiP 3D printed product
3D printed dental product
Nexa3D XiP Dental Printer Product

Phil continues, “As with all new tech, there was the learning curve to get up and running and we’d also like to thank David Brown and the team at Blueprint for the set up and Mark Welch for his continued support.

“The Nexa3D XiP does the job and does it well.”

Thank you Phil and team. We’re delighted that the XiP has fitted so well into your digital workflows and is helping you create those all-important perfect smiles for your clients.

If you'd like to find out more about the Nexa3D XiP printer, simple complete the form below or call us on 0800 228 9828...

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Rick Esgate joins Blueprint Dental as Business Development Manager

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We’re really excited to introduce Rick Esgate, who has joined Blueprint Dental as Business Development Manager, responsible for our digital laboratory solutions.

Rick has 17 years of experience as a dental technician, during which time he specialised in digital workflows. He also has 7 years experience in clinical digital dentistry, including sales and technical support and training, so is ideally placed to slot straight into our business development team to help dental laboratories across the UK make the most of new innovations and digital solutions available to them.

We asked Rick “Why Blueprint Dental?” 

Rick says. “A big factor in coming to work at Blueprint is the reputation of the company. Blueprint have always been known for their high standard when it comes to installations and after sales support. This has always been something I strive for too and I feel my values align with theirs. 

“Another important factor was already knowing some of the current employees and having a massive amount of trust and faith in their abilities. I knew I was making the right choice. Having met Sharaz, I instantly recognised he was someone who really understands the dental market and particularly digital dentistry, which makes a huge difference to me as well.”

In response Sharaz Mir, Sales & Marketing Director of Blueprint Dental commented, “We are really pleased to have Rick as part of the Blueprint family. Being an experienced dental technician, as well as his extensive knowledge of digital workflows will ensure Blueprint continues to support dental labs across the country successfully adopt digital solutions and techniques.”

When not at work Rick enjoys long walks with his family and dog – a 2 year old Sprocker called Nellie. He also has a large collection of vinyl records which he prefers listening to over watching TV.

Or you might find him enjoying a few pints and watching Leeds United lose at the weekend. (His words, not ours!)

To contact Rick, please email or call  0753 905 2860

Connect with Rick on LinkedIn


Blueprint Dental welcome Kayleigh Bezzant to their digital dentistry team

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We’re really excited to announce that Kayleigh Bezzant has joined Blueprint Dental as our newest Business Development Manager, responsible for our digital dentistry solutions across the UK.

Kayleigh has a passion for digital technology in the dental field, especially in the areas of CAD/CAM and digital imaging, where she has gained excellent experience over the last several years.

After leaving university with a BSc (Hons) degree in Biomedical Science, Kayleigh joined the UK dentistry industry as an account manager for consumable products, in what she thought would be just a stop gap role! She then went on to be field based specialising in loupes and surgical products until she discovered the exciting new area of digital dentistry.

Says Kayleigh of her role, “The beauty of digital dentistry is the products can be integrated at any time and when the practice is ready. 

“I enjoy helping educate practices on how to introduce digital workflows and finding the right digital solution(s).”

Sharaz Mir, Sales & Marketing Director of Blueprint commented, “We are delighted to welcome Kayleigh to the Blueprint family. Her experience and expertise in the digital field, as well as in dentistry more widely, will help us continue to help dental practices all over the UK successfully adopt digital solutions and techniques.”

Outside of work Kayleigh enjoys Crossfit and fitness events, is a keen gardener and loves to grow her own vegetables. 

She also loves to travel and is trying to visit 40 countries before she is 40 (She has 11 more to go!). 

To contact Kayleigh, please email or call 07300 792 166

Connect with Kayleigh on LinkedIn

Carestream 9600 CBCT Ceph image

Top 5 Ways Digital Dentistry Can Improve Your Dental Business

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In recent years, advancements in technology have revolutionised many industries and dentistry is no exception. The advent of digital dentistry has transformed the way dental practices and laboratories operate, enhancing efficiency, precision and, ultimately, patient experience. By incorporating digital tools and techniques, dental professionals can streamline their workflows, improve diagnostics and offer advanced treatments. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top five ways digital dentistry can significantly improve your dental business.

1. Enhanced Diagnostic Capabilities

Digital dentistry provides dentists with powerful diagnostic tools that enable accurate and efficient assessment of oral health. With technologies such as cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and intraoral scanners, dentists can capture high-resolution 3D images of the oral cavity. These images offer detailed insights into the patient’s dental structure, aiding the early detection of cavities, bone loss and other oral health issues. Precise diagnostics lead to improved treatment planning, resulting in better patient outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

Carestream CS 8200 3D CBCT
CEREC Product Family

2. Streamlined Workflow and Improved Efficiency

Traditional dental processes often involve multiple manual steps, leading to delays and potential errors. Digital dentistry eliminates many of these challenges by digitising various aspects of dental procedures. Digital record-keeping systems and practice management software simplify administrative tasks, including appointment scheduling and patient communication. Additionally, CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) technology allows for the creation of same-day restorations, such as crowns and bridges, reducing the need for multiple appointments and improving overall workflow efficiency.

3. Precision and Predictability in Restorative Dentistry

Digital dentistry offers precise and predictable outcomes in restorative treatments. Through the use of intraoral scanners, digital impressions can be taken, replacing traditional messy and uncomfortable impression materials. These digital impressions are more accurate, reducing the chance of remakes and adjustments. CAD/CAM technology enables the creation of custom restorations, such as crowns, veneers, and dentures, with exceptional precision and fit. By embracing digital workflows, dentists can provide patients with high-quality restorations in a shorter timeframe, leading to improved patient satisfaction and practice growth.

CS1500 intra oral camera

4. Improved Patient Communication and Engagement

Digital dentistry promotes better patient communication and engagement, resulting in a more informed and satisfied patient base. Intraoral cameras allow dentists to capture and display real-time images of a patient’s oral condition, helping them understand the treatment recommendations and actively participate in their oral care. Treatment plans can be visually presented using 3D models and simulations, enabling patients to visualise the expected outcomes. Digital platforms, such as patient portals and mobile applications, facilitate communication, appointment reminders and educational resources, fostering a stronger patient-dentist relationship.

5. Continuing Education and Collaboration Opportunities

Digital dentistry opens up new avenues for continuing education and collaboration among dental professionals. Web-based platforms and virtual conferences provide access to a vast array of educational resources, allowing dentists to stay updated with the latest techniques and advancements in the field. Online forums and social media communities enable dental professionals to connect and collaborate with peers, fostering knowledge-sharing and interdisciplinary approaches. By embracing digital dentistry, dental practices can foster a culture of ongoing learning and innovation, positioning themselves as leaders in the industry.

i700 group shot

In conclusion, digital dentistry is transforming the dental landscape by enhancing diagnostic capabilities, streamlining workflows, improving treatment precision, and strengthening patient engagement. Embracing these technological advancements can significantly benefit your dental business, leading to improved patient outcomes, increased operational efficiency and enhanced practice growth. By staying abreast of the latest digital tools and techniques, dental professionals can provide exceptional care while staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving dental industry. 

Blueprint Dental is your ideal digital solutions partner as you embark upon your digital dentistry ‘journey’. With years of experience and access to a wide range of the world’s most renowned dental equipment brands, we’ve helped countless dental surgeries and laboratories transform their workflows from totally analogue to wholly digital.

If you’re thinking of starting your digital transformation, or already have some elements in place which you’d like to expand upon, contact us for a no obligation chat about your project and vision for your dental business.

for more info, simply call us on 0800 228 9828 or complete the form below and we'll be right back...

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Modular EXOCAD Training

Join our EXOCAD Course

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Modular Exocad Certificate Course for Dentists and Dental Technicians

Practical Implantology, in association with Blueprint Dental, are excited to announce this Practical Modular Exocad 3 day Course.

This course has been developed and delivered by official authorized Exocad trainer Dr Haitham Sharshar BDS;MSc Perio Implant

Dr Sharshar has 12 years experience in Digital Dentistry and has applied more than 12,000 cases using Exocad. He is an International Official Trainer for Exocad, as well as being an internationally renowned speaker in Digital Dentistry and a recognised KOL.

This modular course is part of the Practical Implantology CPD-accredited course programme. It comprises 7 modules in total and qualifies for 24 hours of verifiable CPD.

The course will be held from 1st to 3rd December 2023 in London, UK. The actual venue location is to be confirmed.

For further information or to book your place, click here

Dr Haitham Sharshar

Course objectives:

  • Design Your Cases in a Fully Digital Work Flow
  • Increase Improve Quality Control on Your Final Restorations
  • Inspire and Motivate Your Patients
  • Enhance Communication with Your Lab & Team
  • Analyze Cases With Oro-facial Smile Design Concept

At the completion of the course candidates are expected to:

Medit intra oral scanner summer pricing

New season – new scanner?

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New season…new scanner?


Summer is here and we’re celebrating with some flaming hot pricing on Medit intra oral scanners!

Grab yourself a Medit i600 intra oral scanner for just £9,500*

Or the Medit i700 intra oral scanner for just £11,700*

Or even a top of the range Medit i700 wireless intra oral scanner for just £12,900*

*Prices do not include a laptop and are exclusive of VAT.

Medit i700 wireless intra oral scanner in patient setting

Need to add a laptop?

No problem!

Simply add in the Laptop Option:

17’’ QHD LED Monitor, Intel Core i9 24 Core, 32GB DDR5 RAM, x2 1TB SSD, Nvidia RTX 4070, Win 11 Pro, 3 Year Silver Warranty


*exclusive of VAT.


Have a question or want to find out more? Contact our Hi Tech expert, Chaz Sidhu...


Chaz Sidhu is our Hi Tech expert and has a vast experience in setting dental practices up with intra oral scanners and assisting dental professionals on their digital journey.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your existing Medit i500 intra oral scanner, chat to Chaz today and he’ll help you decide which is the most appropriate options for your business and your patients.

You can call Chaz on 07798 666 437 or email him here.

Or call us now on 0800 228 9828, complete the form below or email

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Dentsply Sirona Academy Clinical Education Courses

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Extend your professional knowledge with a Dentsply Sirona Academy Clinical Education Course


Our partners at the DS Academy have some super clinical education courses coming up, to further your professional knowledge in a wide area of dental practice subjects.

Treatment Co-ordinator Course

This two day in person course takes place 23rd-24th June at the Dentsply Sirona Academy, Building 3, The Heights, Webridge, KT13 0NY from 09:00-17:00.

Lead by award winning trainer, Adam Morgan, this course is designed for Treatment Co-ordinators and Clinicians and will earn you up to 14 hours of verifiable CPD.


Training course info

Implant Nurses Course – Beginner – Dentsply Sirona Implant Systems – Weybridge

This one day in person course takes place 3rd June at the Dentsply Sirona Academy, Building 3, The Heights, Webridge, KT13 0NY from 09:30.

Lead by Carol Johnston, this course is designed for nurses who play a role in implant surgery, who are new to the discipline and will earn you up to 7 hours of verifiable CPD.

More on this course
Testimonial banner for Skill-Tech

Nexa3d XiP addition to Skilltech Dental Studio

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We’re delighted to have recently installed a NEXA3D XiP 3D printer at Skilltech Dental Studio.

Here’s what Ray has to say about the project…

Having been in this trade for 35 years, the need to embrace the digital revolution became more and more a necessity to my lab’s development, keeping existing and future clients happy and continuing the workflow into my business.

I have dealt with Alan Wright from his days at Chaperlin and Jacobs to his position running the lab division at Blueprint Dental.
So I reached out to Alan and the Blueprint team. He came back to me with various solutions for the printer route, but made me aware of a new solution soon to be added to Blueprints portfolio, the NEXA3D range, so I asked for the information on all options.

He was very honest on the pros and cons of all information provided.

I have always valued the advice and information I have received from Alan and decided to start my journey with Blender4Dental as my design software and began my learning process with Andrew Wheeler and Blueprint on the Blender side.

This gave me time to assess the NEXA3D system and thanks goes out to Mark Welch and the NEXA3D team with Blueprint. They came to visit me at the lab and took me through the advantages of the NEXA3D XiP and what it could bring to my laboratory.

I placed the order, all smoothly processed by Blueprint and Vector Finance, who Blueprint put me in touch with and waited on the system to arrive.

Installation and handover went very smoothly and I am now working daily with this new addition to my laboratory and all I can say is ‘WOW’, the ease of use, speed is amazing.

Highly recommend to those starting their digital journey into printing, or those looking to keep ahead of the game.Thanks to:Alan at Blueprint Dental Ltd.
Mark and team at Vector Finance.
Mark Welch and team at NEXA3DAnd my printing silent partner —-the Xip.
A happy printer tech.
Well, thank you too, Ray. It is a pleasure working with you!

If you'd like to find out more about Nexa3D Xip, please contact Alan Wright on 07904 413211 or complete the contact from below...

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