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Join us at Start Up in Dentistry Live!

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Join us for this fabulous live event and learn how to get started with your own dental squat practice from industry experts.

5 years ago Olumide Ojo created a Facebook group, following his own experience of setting up a squat practice, to create a supportive environment for likeminded dentists to share and brainstorm ideas in practice development and business ownership. The group has grown steadily to now 1,400 members.

Following the ethos of the group – Mide has created a live event.

DATE – 25th June 2022
LOCATION – London Heathrow Sheraton – UB7 0HJ
REGISTRATION – from 8.30am
Time – 9-5.30pm
Evening event from 7.30pm

An opportunity to share knowledge, to inspire others and a promise of development for the dental community.
Hosted by Dr Mide Ojo – Group Founder

The day will provide an A-Z of everything required to start up on dental business ownership.

Squat vs Buying existing…

A full list of topics to be announced, but including:

marketing, recruitment, HR, Financing, web development, creating your vision, leadership and mental and personal health.

Keynote talks from renowned speakers in the Dental Industry – Dr Shalin Kapoor, Dr Mark Hughes, Andy Acton (Frank Taylor & Associates), Dr Grant Macree, Sharaz Mir (Blueprint Dental), Dr Adarsh Thanki, Drs Jin and Kish (Smile Academy), Dr Jasmine Piran, Dr Raj Sheth, Shaz Memon (Digimax), David Hossien, Dr George Cheetham. Dr Anna Davies to name a few…(more special guests to be announced.)

This event will appeal to:
📌 new dental business owners
📌 experienced owners wishing to grow to multiple sites
📌 aspiring business owners.

It will also appeal to those who simply are not sure if business ownership is for them. A unique event with a refreshingly honest approach.

The format will be announced in detail but will start with interactive Ted Talk style presentations and also breakout sessions, allowing you to ask those burning questions in small groups and really challenge your speakers.

The evening will include a social event to allow us to reconnect, network and make acquaintance with our friends on social media in real life.

Buffet evening dinner and guest DJ sets till late. 🥙🥗🕺🏽💃🏾

There will be a charitable element to this event to raise awareness and funds to charities closely related to our industry. Some extra perks and material to be provided all inclusive.

🔥 There is an Early Bird discount of £75 off for the the next 75 delegates only. (Code- EARLY- only one use per booking) First tickets have sold fast. Book now to avoid disappointment. 🔥

Price is £200 for the day event and £75 for the evening event. Going up to £275 and £350 respectively.
Book your ticket using this form or simply scan the QR code below.

QR Code Dentistry Live

We look forward to seeing you all soon! 😎🙌🏼

Dr Amit Kotecha

Dr Amit Kotecha tells us why he chose Blueprint & Dentsply Sirona for his practice

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Dr Amit Kotecha, Specialist Oral Surgeon and Principal of Care Dental, Leicester takes us through why he chose to partner with Blueprint Dental & Dentsply Sirona when the time came to refit his high end surgery.

Watch the video to see how, with the experience and expertise of Sharaz, David and the Blueprint team, Dr Kotecha was able to choose the right equipment for his refit, all brought together seamlessly by the Blueprint service team on site.

“With regard to digital dentistry, what we found with Blueprint Dental was that their knowledge was very broad and very in depth. They did not struggle to integrate the technology together. They were able to bring everything together veery beautifully for us and everything worked as it should, which is a huge relief to us.”

Dr Amit Kotecha, Care Dental, Leicester

If you'd like to find out more about a Blueprint Dental Surgery Refit, please complete the form below and we'll be in touch...

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Medit Software Updates


We’re really excited to announce some key software updates from our partners at Medit.

These upgrades will further enhance your scanner’s performance through innovative technology solutions.

Here’s a quick round up of some of the highlights to look out for:

Medit Link v2.6

Update your Medit Link now to take advantage of some great new features:

  • Introducing Medit Link NFT
    • NFTs are digital assets with blockchain-based ownership that record the ownership of digital files, which means no one can change the ownership of an NFT on the blockchain or produce the same NFT.
  • Plus Margin Line as colour data
    • Users can export the margin line created through Medit Scan for Clinics as color data with maxillary and mandibular data—also an industry first.
    • Colour data is available in CAD, making the job more efficient.

Medit Scan for Clinics v1.8

Convenient Digital Impressions

  • Smart Scan Guide
    • Provides guidance to help improve the overall scan quality.
  • Smart Shade Guide
    • Provides A.I.-powered shade recommendations based on collected scan data.
  • Improved User Experience
    • The improved data processing algorithm supports a faster, smoother scanning experience.
    • Optimized PC usage boosts rapid scan acquisition and processing on lower-spec PCs.
  • Firmware Update for the i700
    • Provides clearer, more precise scanning.
    • Supports Thunderbolt 4 for improved Plug & Scan connectivity.

Medit Scan for Labs v1.3

Import Local Files

  • Users can now import local files directly from PCs.
  • Import multiple 3D data from the Flexible Multi-Die Scan Stage.

If you have a question or would like to know more about updating your Medit software, please complete the form below and we'll be right back

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i700 wireless key visual

The Medit i700 Wireless Intra Oral Scanner – Watch this space!

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Medit i700n wireless intra oral scanner in patient settingComing soon – the new wireless i700 Intra Oral Scanner from Medit.
Magic made easy with a simple touch.

Register your interest now in the new wireless i700 intra oral scanner from Medit, now available from Blueprint Dental...

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Red Green Instrument Processing Zones

Dental Instrument Reprocessing done right

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Instrument reprocessing is a vital activity in any dental practice and ensuring that every instrument which comes into contact with the patient in a clinical setting is both clean and decontaminated or sterilized (depending on how and where it’s being used) is of utmost importance and a key ingredient in your duty of care to each and every patient.

There are various methods of reprocessing dental instruments and the type of method used will depend on the type of instrument, its use and construction.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the most common methods of reprocessing dental instruments, so that you can choose the best option for your practice.

First, let’s start with a look at the instrument reprocessing cycle

Dental Instrument Reprocessing Cycle

Figure 1: A typical instrument reprocessing cycle in a dental surgery

The dental instrument reprocessing cycle includes the vital steps of cleaning and disinfection, inspection, packaging, sterilization, documentation and the approval of instruments before they are reused on the next patient. This should be a standardised process only carried out by trained staff every step of the way.

What are cleaning and sterilisation? 

They’re pretty much the same thing, aren’t they? 

Well, no. In fact, absolutely not.

Here’s why…

Cleaning is the removal of dirt and debris, usually in the presence of a detergent. In a dental environment this could well include bodily fluids released as the result of dental treatments, like blood, tissue, tooth and bone fragments or pus.

Sterilization is a process, physical or chemical, which completely destroys micro-organisms – including even the most resistant bacteria and spores.

But sterilisation can only occur on a clean surface, so it is vital that the cleaning step takes place prior to sterilization (although, there are, of course, combination products available, which combine both steps).

So now we have that cleared up, let’s concentrate on how to make sure your instrument processing set up is both efficient and effective.

Where should Instrument Processing take place? 

Effective infection control can only be achieved if there is clear, physical separation of dirty and clean areas for instrument reprocessing.

The room should be clearly demarcated with dirty and clean zones and have a simple flow of instruments from the time they are received back from a patient procedure, through the reprocessing area and equipment, to the time they are ready to be released as clean and ready for their next patient.

The ‘Dirty’ or ‘Red’ zone includes a delivery area, any precleaning equipment and the washer disinfector.

Instruments should then follow the pathway illustrated in Figure 1 above through inspection and packaging to the ‘Clean’ or ‘Green’ area post sterilization.

The unclean and clean areas in the reprocessing room can be visually represented very well using a coloured red & green signage on the wall or cabinetry.

The right equipment in the right place in any reprocessing room helps to optimize processes and increase the safety of patients and the practice team. 

In addition, with equipment from just one manufacturer, the entire workflow can be made more efficient, saving a lot of time and money, as the equipment is all ideally matched to each other.

At Blueprint Dental we are proud to be the longest serving UK MELAG distributor and can offer safe and reliable instrument reprocessing solutions for dental surgeries. With a wide range  innovative quality products, together with our excellent after sales service expertise and reputation, you’ll benefit from an ideally coordinated reprocessing workflow and a safe hygiene cycle in your practice.

Melag Instrument Processing Equipment from Blueprint Dental

So far we’ve concentrated on the instrument reprocessing cycle as a whole. Now let’s take a look at the individual steps in brief and some handy tips to getting the best out of your practice’s set up…


  1. Make sure dirty instruments are properly prepared for reprocessing

It might sound a bit daft, but getting the best cleaning results on your instruments starts as soon as they have been used. Blood and debris quickly begins to dry out on instruments’ surfaces and in lumens, so the quicker you can get them collected and delivered to the washer disinfector or a precleaning station the better. Precleaning may just involve immersion in a pre-cleaning solution or a short cycle in an ultrasonic cleaning bath and will serve to remove any gross debris prior to placement in the washer disinfector.

Melatherm Washer Disinfector
  1. Use a Washer Disinfector to ensure they are clean and have been thermally disinfected

Instruments should be processed in a washer disinfector as mechanical cleaning is particularly safe, time- and cost-efficient. A suitable cycle should be selected according to the type of instrument being reprocessed, but it is likely that the cycle will include exposing the instruments to a detergent, rinsing, thermal disinfection and quite possibly a drying phase to the cycle to conclude.

Melag Washer Disinfectors from Blueprint Dental
  1. It’s crucial to take a peek before packaging

After cleaning, disinfection and drying, a visual and functional inspection of the instruments must be carried out by competent personnel. Some instruments require the additional use of care products, primarily for lubrication, which should be done in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Any instruments which are not visually clean at this point in the process should be rejected and returned to the dirty zone to start the reprocessing cycle afresh.

  1. It’s a wrap

Before instruments are sterilized in a steam sterilizer, they must be suitably packaged – either as a set in a sterilization container or using sealing devices, individually wrapped in sterilization packaging. 

These specialist containers or sealed packages will still enable steam at the correct temperature (eg 134oC) to come into direct contact with the internal and external surfaces of the instruments for the required amount of time for sterilization to occur, but will keep them sterile after the cycle and hence safe for use on the next patient.

5 The all-important Sterilization phase

Steam sterilizers are commonly used for this purpose in dental practices and are classified into classes B, S and N. Class B sterilizers are often referred to as vacuum or pre-vacuum units and offer the advantage of being able to sterilize instruments regardless of the type of packaging and complexity of the hollow body.  S & N class units are more widely used for solid and less complex instruments.


6 Make sure you’re keeping your house in order

The active part of the instrument reprocessing cycle ends with approval which must be documented before the instruments can be put into storage or released for use on the next patient. A traceable and properly recorded document trail of the entire reprocessing workflow ensures legal security and safe traceability of the instruments back to the patient. 

  1. Safe & Sterile storage ready for the next procedure

To prevent re-contamination prior to reuse, all packaged sterile instruments must be stored dust-protected, clean and dry at room temperature.

All instruments stored in this area should be clearly labelled to understand when they were reprocessed and the cycle repeated if the expiry date has been exceeded. This is especially true for kits used in specialist procedures or treatments performed infrequently, as using instruments which have been stored too long could compromise patients safety and elevate the risk of infection.

If you would like to benefit from efficient workflows and maximum protection for patients and your team, please get in touch and we’ll talk you through the best instrument reprocessing equipment for you and your practice.

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The Dentistry Show Banner 2022

The British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show

By Events

Join Us On Stand H16

Come And See Us On The Blueprint Dental Stand At British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show.

It’s been 3 long years and we’re really excited to be back!

We’ll have a range of equipment on show to help you on your digital journey along with our team of experts to guide you on the best selection and workflow for you, whatever your speciality.

You can register here for your entry pass.


Not all dental cabinets are created equal – find out why…

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Not all cabinets are created equal. Sure, the general fundamentals are similar to a degree, but when it comes to the requirements of the dental sector,  it’s a whole new ball game.


Because we aren’t talking about generic storage solutions here, and that goes whether you’re a lab owner or a dental practitioner.

What we are talking about is bespoke, commercial grade furniture, fabricated to your exact specification and designed not only enhance your workspace, but to impress and reassure your clientele.

Sound a little over the top? Well, let us explain……

Love your space 

While we know how important it is to choose the correct equipment for your dental surgery or lab, the same level of focus should really be applied to your cabinetry layout. Your dental cabinetry should enhance your workspace and complement not only your dental chair, laboratory kit and equipment, but also the way you choose to work. This can be as simple as ensuring you have enough storage space and ample room around the head of the chair, or as involved as creating a unique mobile equipment housing to make life easier while undertaking specialist procedures.

Either way, given the number of hours you are likely to spend in your surgery or at your lab station, taking the time to consider your workspace layout is time very well spent.

Apex Dental
Apex Dental 2

It’s not all about you 

Yes it’s your surgery or yes, it’s your laboratory and its layout and overall aesthetic should be built around you and your requirements. However, take time to think about who else this room is going to have an impact on. This will be your patients if you’re in a clinical setting, for sure, but whatever your specialism, it will also have a bearing on your colleagues and other visitors. The layout and décor of your surgery is going to set expectations for your patients from the outset. If the room looks too clinical, too cluttered or even too dated, those already uncomfortable in such environments could find it harder to relax.

Similarly, if you’ve positioned yourself in the upper echelons of the industry, your cabinetry needs to make a statement that supports this. Of course there are multiple other factors that play their part, but paying due consideration to what your surgery or laboratory design says to your clientele about you and your business should always be an integral part of the process.

Consider it as part of your brand and be consistent in the way you apply it.

Made to measure

To the layman it’s easy to glance around a dental surgery and just see generic cabinetry – a few cupboards and drawers to store stuff in, but the truth is almost every unit is likely to have been designed with a very specific purpose and workflow in mind.

Bin units that open with the touch of a foot or knee to minimise hand contact, amalgam mixer housings that cleverly utilise a slide out worktop to facilitate use or baseless dispensing wall units that remove the need for constantly opening doors.

All of these things must be designed specifically with dental practitioners in mind and will ultimately contribute to the efficient running, seamless workflow and successful infection prevention routines of your business.

And that’s where we come in.

Here at Blueprint we have developed the most innovative units that help you maximise your workspace.

And together with our partners at CMC Commercial Cabinetry, we’ll work with you every step of the way and are confident we have a solution for you From PC storage with integrated solid surface keyboard slides to bespoke server housings, from laboratory benching with integrated extraction to surgery runs which maximise infection prevention.

Dental Surgery Cabinetry

Built to last

Now this is a biggie.

One of the fundamental differences between proprietary and bespoke cabinetry is the inherent quality of the materials and components used.

Entry level domestic units don’t even come close to the standard or quality of bespoke units. For commercial use you should be looking at 18mm Laminated Furniture Grade MDF and/or Acrylic Faced Board as the primary materials. These have incomparable strength when viewed alongside other offerings and give you peace of mind if you are considering the longevity of your new fit out.

Think of it this way:

Imagine your kitchen at home, how many times a day are you opening and closing those doors? Once? Twice?

Now think of your workspace and ask the same question. Undoubtedly the dental cabinetry in your surgery is getting quite the workout in comparison, so ensuring it’s fit for purpose is critical.

The same goes for the components, from hinges to drawer runners; they need to be of a commercial grade and be designed to stand the test of time.

This is equally applicable in a dental laboratory setting, where there may also be other factors to consider, such as fine particle extraction and equipment integration – neither of which are going to be addressed with flat packed cabinets from your local DIY retailer.

The finishing touch

This can be the tricky bit – choosing colours and finishes.

Some people have clear ideas right from the outset and others leave it to the very last second before making a choice. Either way there’s no escaping it’s an important decision…and one you have to live with once it’s made!

And with so many options available it can be a bit of a minefield.

Gloss or matt?

White frontals and coloured worktop or visa versa? or both?!

It helps if someone with expertise can guide you and perhaps show you previously installed combinations to give you an idea of what might work for you. And what works for you might not be someone else’s cup of tea at all.

You, for instance, might be looking to match the colours with your chair upholstery, whereas someone else might be looking for pure white for a more clinical look. You might have you r heart set on a contemporary design, with funky, bright colours, whilst someone else may opt for more soothing pastel shades or a monochrome effect.

Whichever way, working with a company experienced in such things will give you an extra degree of confidence when looking at those finishing touches.

At Blueprint, we have that experience and all round expertise to make sure you select the best cabinetry for your speciality, your workflow, your budget and your taste!

We’d love to help you with your project. The first step is easy. Just give us a call or complete the form below and we’ll help you every step of the way from here on in…

Wimpole-Street-Dental-Clinic-surgery-11-1800x1200 2
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Axano is here – the new treatment center from Dentsply Sirona

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Say hello to Axano – the new treatment centre from Dentsply Sirona. Bringing smart design, excellent workflows and digital experience to your practice in just a few days time.
More on Axano

Register your interest now in the new Axano Treatment Centre from Dentsply Sirona, now available from Blueprint Dental...

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Spring Offers from Dentsply Sirona

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We have some fantastic offers on our Dentsply Sirona intraoral X-ray products as we kick into Spring 2022.

Plus, we also have a great pricing deal on the DAC Universal S Instrument Reprocessing unit.

Heliodent Plus intraoral X-ray – your partner for daily diagnostic work

Your intraoral X-ray unit is the cornerstone of your daily diagnostic work. The Heliodent Plus intraoral X-ray unit truly helps to elevate your intraoral care and allows for optimal functionality in every practice.

What’s more, its variety of installation options allow you to choose the optimal configuration for your practice, whatever your space constraints.

Wall, ceiling, mobile or chair mounted – you choose.

And with its 0.4mm focal spot and vibration-free arm, you and your patients will benefit from stable positioning and consistent imaging results.

Right now we’re offering the Heliodent Plus (incl. Test Pack and installation) for just £2950.00 excl.VAT

Find out more about Heliodent Plus

Add in a XIOS Supreme digital intraoral sensor for optimal image quality and diagnostic clarityXIOS_Supreme_digital intraoral sensors

Quick and easy to use with no development wait time for you or the patient, engineered and tested for years of daily use and easy cable replacement offer you a reliable and efficient addition to your practice.

Offer Pricing for Spring 2022

XIOS XG Supreme Size 1 or 2 – £4,630.00 excl.VAT
XIOS XG Supreme (x2 any sensor) – £6,695.00 excl.VAT

Find out more about XIOS XG Supreme

Instrument Reprocessing with the DAC Universal S

DAC Universal SHygiene at the touch of a button: The fully automated reprocessing process

The DAC Universal S cleans, lubricates (if necessary) and sterilizes up to six straight and contra-angle handpieces and turbines, ultrasonic / sonic handpieces and tips, nozzles of multifunctional syringes and powder jet devices as well as powder jet handpieces in approx. 21 minutes – including cooling.

DAC Universal S – £3750.00 excl.VAT

Find out more about DAC Universal S

Please complete the form below if you would like more information on any of these offers:

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Medit & Formlabs announce partnership – from 3D scanning to 3D printing

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We’re really excited to announce that two of our most revered global dental suppliers have joined forces to offer an even more accessible digital dental workflow, now integrated from scan to smile.

Formlabs and Medit share a mission of increasing access to digital dentistry tools to make the digital future a reality. With this latest round of integration, the scan-to-print workflow has never been more accessible.

Their goal with this partnership is clear: to make chairside 3D printing accessible and approachable to all dental practices.

Medit Link users can now download Formlabs’ PreForm app, a software integration that helps to prepare dental CAD designs for quick and convenient printing on Formlabs printers, directly from Medit Link. 

Delivering a fully digital dental experience means integrating software, hardware, and materials to create a seamless end-to-end experience for dental practitioners. In combining their powerful and intuitive technology, Formlabs Dental and Medit will enable clinicians to easily 3D print dental components with greater speed and efficiency through a simplified in-office workflow. Together, our vision is to deliver accessible and affordable digital solutions for dental care providers and their patients. 

In just five simple steps, dental professionals can mass produce custom made dental models. Those steps are:

  1. The dental professional completes a scan of the patient’s teeth with Medit’s industry-leading i500 and i700 intraoral scanners.
  2. Deploying the respective Medit App, the dental practice then designs a case of temporary crowns, eggshells, or models.
  3. Medit users click on the new PreForm icon on the top right part of the screen.
  4. After selecting the appropriate design files, users click “Send to PreForm”. The file is then automatically converted to an STL file and sent to PreForm, directly from the Medit App.
  5. Users finalize their dental print and send it to the Form 3B+ for printing.

Dr. Christopher Baer, DMD at Baer Dental, and a Medit and Formlabs user, succinctly describes the partnership: “To truly optimize a digital dental practice all of the technology components need to work synergistically to streamline scanning, designing, and 3D printing dental restorations. The Medit-Formlabs workflow has dramatically simplified the process to get from intraoral scanning to a final 3D printed restoration with a few simple clicks. We no longer need to spend time moving files from one program to the next—the software does the work for us.”

Here at Blueprint Dental, we’re delighted by this announcement, which will further enhance the digital workflows we’re able to offer you, our customers, ultimately empowering you to maximise your digital workflows and patient outcomes.